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10 Best ‘Dumb and Dumber’ Callbacks in a Sequel

'Dumb and Dumber To': Film Review

It might have taken 20 years for a Dumb and Dumber sequel to strike theaters, though a filmmakers clearly haven’t lost because people desired a strange Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels comedy in a initial place. 

Any fan of a initial film is presumably anticipating for references to it in Dumb and Dumber To, and we’re revelation we there’s a possibility that you’ll notice plenty. Here are 10 of a favorite callbacks from a sequel.

[It should go though saying, though beware of teenager spoilers.]

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1. Billy is all grown-up

The good news is that Billy in unit 4C is doing good and has a new parrot companion named Siskel, able of quoting famous film lines. The bad news is that Billy and Siskel declare a flattering horrific stage in his apartment.

2. We finally accommodate Freda

Freda Felcher was introduced in a initial film as a source of a adore triangle for a guys, though viewers never saw her. In a sequel, we finally accommodate her, nonetheless we learn that her vehement adore event with a guys was a bit opposite than we were led to believe.

3. The second-most irritating sound in a world

If we adore irritating sounds, you’re in luck, as Lloyd is apparently a master during them.

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4. “I like it a lot”

This was one of a large catchphrases from a 1994 film, so of course a supplement would embody it, nonetheless in a rather opposite context. 

5. Drinking something disgusting

If we suspicion it was messed-up when a patrolman in a strange film drank Lloyd’s urine — and you’re not wrong for meditative so — only wait until we see what Lloyd and Harry use to moisten their lust this time around.

6. Mutt Cutts

The dog outpost is back! Indeed, a Mutt Cutts car creates a brief reappearance, nonetheless this film doesn’t engage any dogs removing lonesome in mustard.

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7. Breath spray

After all these years, Lloyd still hasn’t figured out that approach a mist comes out.

8. Hot chicks during a finish of a film

Harry and Lloyd connote to a initial film’s bikini-filled train by observant they’re “not gonna pass adult a certain thing” this time around. But of course, they still do.

9. A informed face after a credits

You really don’t wish to leave before a credits roll, as a impression from a initial film pops in during a post-credits tag. And a chairman does not seem to like ice cream.

10. The ubiquitous plot

The initial film involves a briefcase removing left behind, while this time it’s a package. There is also a poisoning attempt, as there was final time, along with a companion removing killed in a scrape of time. And someone catches on fire, nonetheless not a same chairman as final time. OK, there are lots of similarities, is what we’re perplexing to say. But we wouldn’t wish it any other way.

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