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10 tips for saving, creation income during Portland’s automotive barter meets

If you’re a gearhead looking to buy or sell parts, we need demeanour no serve than Portland’s possess dueling automotive barter meets, that will pull tens of thousands of people to a Portland Expo Center and a Portland International Raceway this weekend.

But if wading by a crowds leaves we with small appetite to exchange with one of a thousands of vendors on hand, we competence find it tough to save (or, if you’re a businessman make) a sire during a events.

Thankfully a folks during a Portland Swap Meet have collected their 50 years of knowledge to offer some recommendation on possibly side of a negotiate table.

Last year Jeff Zurschmeide penned dual articles for a event, “Top 10 Tips for Being a Happy Shopper during an Auto Swap Meet” and “Top 10 Tips for Making Money during an Auto Swap Meet.” You can feel giveaway to crop during will, though I’ve picked by both to give we a highlights for both buyers initial and sellers.


1. Bring Cash: If you’re going to buy, pierce income with you. There will be some ATMs on hand, though wouldn’t it be nicer to be one of a people who gets to bypass all a income lines? “Plan on bringing adequate income to buy what we want,” Zurschmeide writes. “But not so many that an incentive squeeze can hurt your life.”

2. Be Prepared to Walk: You can take this dual different, though equally critical ways. Arrive prepared to physically walk, since these barter meets are once again going to be huge. Bring shoes, pierce H2O and pierce sleet rigging if a continue calls for it. But walking also means walking divided from a understanding if it starts to go south. If a seller wants some-more than you’re peaceful to pay, pierce on.

3. Learn to Haggle: Haggling is an art, and there’s no improved place to labour it than during a barter meet. From Zurschmeide: “Sometimes seeking prices are firm, infrequently they’re negotiable. Sometimes people have crazy ideas about a value of junk, and infrequently you’ll find a value for only a sire or two.” Ask, negotiate and strike deal.

4. Look Around: Professional vendors will make certain to arrangement all they have properly, Zurschmeide writes, though a dilettante booths competence have dark gems underneath piles of aged junk. Go by buckets, open adult trunks and we competence find value after all.

5. Bring Proper Tools: If we wish to make certain you’re removing a correct parts, pierce a collection we would need to be sure. Measuring tape, a crescent wrench, even a camera can be key. And while a small red car competence sound childish, you’ll have to pierce something to projection around those parts.

A bin of change knobs during a PIR automobile swap. (Dave Killen/The Oregonian) 


1. Bring More Than You Want to Sell: “You unequivocally need to cruise like someone who’s never seen all this things before when we weigh what to take to a swap, and what to keep safely stashed away,” Zurschmeide writes. If you’re being picky, a good order of ride is to cruise either you’ve used this things in a final year.

2. Bring Food and Drinks: You can save a intensity mislaid patron (not to discuss a few bucks) by bringing your possess food and drinks instead of withdrawal your counter to go get lunch. Alternately, we can only pierce a integrate friends along, though we improved wish they can make deals in your absence.

3. Have Change Handy: Go to a bank previously and batch adult $1 and $5 bills. Customers will many expected be walking adult to we with $20s and $50s, though they competence travel divided if we can’t make change.

4. Tables, Tables, Tables: Tables are a must. Here’s Zurschmeide on a matter: “Buyers don’t like to base by piles or boxes of stuff. Sure, some will take a trouble, though distant some-more will only travel right by. And those audacious souls who do puncture from a raise won’t offer as many for a same partial as when it’s displayed nicely.”

5. It’s OK to Say “No”: If we don’t wish to lowball a price, don’t lowball a price. Customers are going to exchange (see above) though we can travel divided from an offer too. Still, there’s no need to be rude. Nothing secures a understanding easier than a small friendliness. “You’ll come home with some-more income in your pockets if keep a grin on your face,” Zurschmeide writes.

What do we say, automobile barter veterans? Do we have any tips or tricks of a trade? Let us know in a comments. And be protected out there! Be prepared for a people, a collection and a weather, that as of now looks to be a few days of rain

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When: April 10 to 12
Where: Portland Expo Center (map it)
Admission: $7 per day, $4 for Sunday

When: April 9 to 11
Where: Portland International Raceway (map it)
Admission: $7 acknowledgment and $10 for parking.

–Jamie Hale | [email protected] | @HaleJamesB

Article source: http://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/04/10_tips_for_saving_making_mone.html

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