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10 Ways Google Must Improve Android

Google’s arriving Android “L” chronicle introduces improvements including Android for Work and stronger app security. But Google still has copiousness of gaps to fill.

Well, maybe Will Smith isn’t so penetrating on android upgrades. But with Apple’s iOS already being upheld by 90% of all businesses surveyed in a recent study by JAMF Software, it is transparent that Google’s mobile handling complement needs some critical adjustments if it is going to be a widespread actor in craving mobility.

Make no mistake; Google badly wants a craving customers. It hinted during it with acquisitions like cloud-based mobile device government association Divide behind in May, and done it plain as day during a Google I/O discussion in early June, when it announced Android for Work.

Also announced during I/O this year was a subsequent season of Android, not nonetheless given a sweet-tooth name, usually called “L” — we am voting for “Lollipop” and anticipating that Google Now’s voice gets transposed with that of Tara Strong, who did a voice of Juliet Starling in a diversion Lollipop Chainsaw. But we digress.

One of a keys to a new Android for Work is that Google will embody new APIs that will concede for secure inclusion — and subdivision — of both work and personal apps on a singular mobile device. This is identical to a Extensions module Apple announced even progressing in June, and both are plain stairs toward creation apps duty some-more securely.

Integrated into Android for Work when a L chronicle is expelled will be a Knox containerization complement from Samsung, that protects corporate information by segmenting it from personal information during a handling complement level. Take note: That means each mobile device regulating L, not usually Samsung phones, will have entrance to Knox.

Well, entrance to a partial of Knox, during least: The Wall Street Journal reports that a Samsung orator pronounced that a core containerization duty of Knox would be enclosed in Android L, though that other facilities will be exclusively accessible for Knox users on Samsung phones.

But confidence is not a usually area that Android needs to work on, and a craving isn’t a usually patron bottom it needs to satisfy. Android has some critical throwing adult to do in a area of cameras, print software, and altogether user experience. However, it has started to eat into Apple’s domain with Google Now, and even jumped forward of Apple in a margin of wearables. Now is not a time to palliate off on a improvements.

Click by this slideshow to find a list of 10 Android facilities and functions that Google needs to chuck some critical brainpower and income during to get where it needs to be.

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