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11 secrets we didn’t know about your new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

Here it is: your glossy new Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, uninformed from a Microsoft store, or pulled out of a package.

There’s so most to learn about your new toy. We’ll give we a conduct start, with 11 pointed or well-hidden facilities we competence differently miss. Did we disremember anything good? Let us know in a comments. 

11. Customize a vigour sensitivity

The new Surface inclination have 1,024 levels of vigour attraction that can be tuned for your style. To do that though, you’ll need an app from a Microsoft store. Yes, that means you’ll need to set adult an comment with a store, though a app itself is free. Once we have an account, hunt for Surface in a store. The formula should uncover Surface Trackpad Settings and Surface. Skip a Trackpad Settings (it doesn’t work on a new devices) and download and implement a Surface app. Click a coop icon, and we can spin a attraction adult or down and exam it too.

If you’re on an comparison Surface Pro 3 or Surface 3, we can set a coop symbol functionality, though that’s not accessible right now for a newer devices.

screenshot 15

A giveaway app from Microsoft will let we change a vigour levels of a Surface Pen.

10. Change a Surface Pen battery

The coop on a Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 simply unscrewed though a newer Surface coop isn’t utterly as true forward. To cocktail it open to change out a AAAA battery, grasp a missile and afterwards spin a finish with a slot shave on it counter-clockwise about an eighth of an in. until it clicks. You should be means to delicately slip out a AAAA dungeon now.

dsc03178 Gordon Mah Ung

You can indeed mislay a AAAA battery from a new Surface Pen by rotating it somewhat counter-clockwise until it clicks.

9. There’s a dark button

The Surface Pen doesn’t demeanour like it has any buttons besides a “eraser” during a top. At a really finish of a cosmetic frame usually above where your finger would rest when regulating it, however, there’s a dark symbol that acts as right rodent click.

dsc03182 Gordon Mah Ung

The new Surface Pen has a tip symbol usually underneath a finish of a cosmetic strip.

8. Spaced out

Although Microsoft stores we’ve oral with contend Surface Pro 4 will not work with a comparison Surface Pro 3 dock, we’ve been told by Microsoft it will. The association has skeleton to make a spacer to let a a thinner Surface Pro 4 work in a comparison wharf with full functionality. The bad news: The spacer is delayed. You can haven your place in line by pre-ordering it here.

Surface 3 dock Mark Hachman

Although unclear, Microsoft has pronounced formerly it would emanate a spacer to let a comparison Surface Pro 3 wharf work with a Surface Pro 4. This is a Surface 3 dock, though we get a idea.

7. Go into a UEFI

If you’re extraordinary about how to enter a system’s UEFI to plod around with a foot sequence or spin off a cameras, we can do that by shutting down a system. Now press a symbol to boost a volume and reason it while dire and afterwards releasing a energy button. Keep holding a volume rocker and it should foot directly into a UEFI, where we can see a item tag, a firmware information as good as a sequence series of a laptop. More importantly: we can invalidate Secure Boot from here too.

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