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13 Things To Do After Watching This Arrow Trailer To Pass a Time Until Tomorrow’s Premiere

It’s been a prolonged few weeks, Arrow fans, though a wait is roughly over. 

Tomorrow night, and usually tomorrow night, we will find out if Felicity survived being shot by Damien Darhk’s goons during a finish of a midseason finale. If we suspicion today’s trailer recover would give that information away, or even give us a spirit as to either Felicity is alive or dead, we were sorely mistaken. 

The trailer, that Stephen Amell posted to his Facebook page, seems to preview an all-out fight opposite Damien for whatever it was that he did to Oliver’s fiancee, and to a many other people who have died given that jerk came to town. Felicity’s usually appearances engage looking really not alive in a sanatorium bed and in a flashback to her goth persona, though hers is not a usually face that worries us. Thea also finds herself in a sanatorium bed, and Lyla’s got a gun to her head, and we are really frightened for everyone.

Those 24ish hours we have left until a premiere are going to be some of a longest 24 hours ever, so we’ve put together a list of things to do in between now and afterwards to keep ourselves ease and collected adequate to not remove a minds. 

1. Rewatch a deteriorate 4 premiere. Remember Oliver and Felicity being all domestic in their house, with no gunfire in sight? Remember Felicity Smoak unwell that omelet? Focus on those happy times. 

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2. Speaking of domesticity, watch this video of Oliver and Felicity fighting over a remote and arguing about towels: 

3. Learn to bake a souffle. They’re formidable beasts to tackle, though if Oliver can do it, so can you! 

4. Eat a souffle. If we were not successful in creation a souffle, buy one during a store or sequence one in a restaurant. 

5. Watch this GIF over and over and over again.

Arrow/Flash gif 2
Arrow/Flash gif 2CW/YouTube

6. Watch this gathering of Oliver’s examination scenes from deteriorate 1, only for fun. 

7. Rewatch a midseason culmination though skip a finish and fake Oliver and Felicity got home safely in a limo. 

8. Take some Zzzquil and only nap until Wednesday during 8 p.m. 

9. Go see Brooklyn, since Emily Bett Rickards is in it and she is not dead. 

10. Watch The Flash tonight during 8 p.m. 

11. Gaze on Colton Haynes and Emily Bett RickardsVanity Fair photoshoot, and get vehement that Roy is entrance behind to Arrow!  

12. Do some laundry. You know we need to. 

13. Cry. Just let it all out in credentials for some tough times ahead. 

Arrow earnings Wednesday during 8 p.m. on a CW. 

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