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14 money-saving transport hacks from a ‘Man Who Flies For Free’

Scott KeyesCourtesy of Scott KeyesTravel consultant Scott Keyes knows a best websites, tricks, and tips for removing affordable airfare.

Scott Keyes, a contributor for Think Progress and author of a e-books “How To Fly For Free” and “How To Find Cheap Flights,” is an consultant during anticipating affordable airfare. 

Keyes has turn so means during alighting super inexpensive tickets and removing a many out of his revisit flyer miles that he has requisitioned an epic universe outing that spans 13 countries, 20,000 miles, and 21 flights — all free. 

He told Business Insider his routine is a “labor of love,” and after spending 5 years dedicated to anticipating airline deals, Keyes now knows a best websites, tricks, and tips for removing tickets for mud inexpensive prices. 

Keep reading to see his 14 best transport hacks.

Set adult a Tweet rug and email alerts

If you’re truly dedicated to anticipating inexpensive flights, it has to be a lifestyle. Keyes has alerts and a Tweet rug filled with airlines and websites that he follows to learn affordable tickets.

Your contingency of scoring discount tickets will also ascend if we set adult newsletter alerts from transport websites like Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal. You can even sign adult to get emails from Keyes himself when he stumbles opposite a deal.

Search for flights from all circuitously airports

This one competence seem obvious, yet if you’re drifting from a heart like New York City, make certain you’re not customarily acid flights withdrawal from JFK or LaGuardia and embody a circuitously Newark airport, too.

“If we live in an area or are drifting somewhere where there are a lot of airports, hunt them all,” Keyes advised. This could save we hundreds of dollars, even if a airfield is a small out of your way. 

Do a ‘month search’ on your itinerary

ITA pattern testITA MatrixWebsites like Kayak and ITA Matrix will let we do a full month hunt on your itinerary.

Websites like Kayak and ITA Matrix concede travelers to hunt their channel and end for an whole month’s value of transport so we can learn a cheapest probable airfare.

“I flew to Costa Rica once a integrate years ago and we did a month hunt on ITA Matrix,” Keyes told us. “Instead of going in a initial week of April, we satisfied we could go in a second week of Apr and save over $100.”

If it doesn’t make a disproportion when we get to your end (even if it’s a matter of removing in Thursday instead of Friday), acid for an whole month can save we a poignant cube of cash.

Compare prices on Southwest separately

Affordable airline Southwest will not uncover adult in total hunt engines such as Kayak or Orbitz. 

It’s annoying, yet always value it once we find a decent-priced domestic moody to see if Southwest has something even cheaper. This goes for all bill airlines that might not be display adult in hunt engines, too.

Always check for “throwaway tickets” 

Throwaway tickets are flights we squeeze to an unpopular destination. Let’s contend you’re roving from New York to Chicago — those tickets are going to be utterly expensive. But New York to Milwaukee will be reduction costly given fewer people will be roving there. 

A throwaway sheet would be if we found a moody from New York to Milwaukee with a layover in Chicago. Then instead of removing on a craft to go to Milwaukee, we would chuck divided that leg of a sheet and exit a Chicago airport. 

“This one can be a outrageous income saver,” Keyes pronounced of a hack. If we wish to find throwaway tickets, check one of Keyes’s favorite websites Skiplagged that privately searches for them (though due to a lawsuit, we now can’t buy a tickets by Skiplagged, yet by a third celebration site).

Book during a right time 

Airport Travelers SilhouettesGetty Images / Irina DobrolyubovaThe best time to book is 1-3 months in advance.

“A large mistake that people make is shopping possibly too early or too tighten to a departure,” Keyes told us. “Wait until between 3 months to a month out since that’s when we tend to get a best prices for domestic flights.”

That’s for off-peak flights. If you’re anticipating to fly home during a holidays, book a outing to Europe, or fly during a time duration where a lot of other people will be engagement (like for open break), Keyes suggests  looking during flights about 6 months out.

Buy a cheapest ticket, no matter when it is 

“The proceed many people proceed airfare, they do it backwards: They confirm where they wish to go and afterwards try to find a cheapest moody to get there,” Keyes told us. “But if your ultimate idea is to be means to find as inexpensive a moody as probable and go somewhere cold for not many money, afterwards starting with an open, vacant line-up and going wherever there’s a inexpensive moody right now is going to be your best bet.”

That’s how Keyes wound adult drifting to Milan for $130, going to Galapagos for $45, and visiting Norway and Belgium for around $350 instead of a standard $1,000.

None of these destinations were indispensably on his ideal transport list, yet since Keyes found deals on Twitter or by websites, he motionless to buy them right divided and finished adult saving thousands for being flexible.

Fly on a cheapest probable days

Keyes told us a cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If you’re going home to revisit your relatives over a prolonged weekend and were formulation to fly in Friday and leave on Sunday, hunt Thursday to Saturday or even Friday to Monday instead to see if there’s a cheaper alternative.

“If we have any coherence in being means to fly on those days, that’s customarily when you’re going to find a best fares,” Keyes said.

Don’t be fearful to protest (politely)

airplane aircanada tv damaged seatEndlisnis/FlickrIf something goes wrong on your flight, never be fearful to complain.

“One of a things I’ve been means to occupy rather effectively is when things go wrong on your flight, we can get remuneration for those errors,” Keyes said. “I’ve gotten miles for it and I’ve gotten income for it.”

If something goes wrong — contend a TV in your chair isn’t operative or there are automatic issues with a craft — it will never harm to send an email to a airline kindly informing them of a problem. Keyes even combined special email templates in his book “How To Fly For Free” that he’ll use if something happens.

The pivotal is to be polite, give a airline all of your information (what chair we were in, a moody number, etc.), and surprise them that customarily we adore drifting with them, that is since we were so astounded by a inconvenience.

“As prolonged as your protest is rather legitimate (and not outward a airline’s control like a weather), many of a time you’ll indeed get some arrange of compensation,” Keyes said.

Be open to removing bumped

One of a many dreaded transport practice is being bumped from a craft or carrying a delay. But Keyes insists that this is a illusory proceed to acquire giveaway income or revisit flyer miles.

If a moody is full and you’re not underneath any parsimonious timeline, take advantage of being bumped and ask a ticketing representative if we can get income or revisit flyer miles instead of moody vouchers for your nuisance (they’ll customarily respect your request). 

“I was once given a $500 document and a reliable chair on a subsequent moody — an hour and a half later,” Keyes wrote in his e-book “How To Fly For Free.” “In other words, we warranted $333/hour. Like me, if your idea is to fly for free, we substantially don’t make $333/hour. Plus, distinct flights we book regulating miles, we indeed acquire miles when we compensate regulating a voucher.”

Open credit cards (smartly) to get lots of miles

“If you’re financially intelligent and responsible, there’s so many event for you,” Keyes told us.

Keyes now had 25 credit cards that he uses to get hundreds of thousands of miles and points, that eventually helps him fly for free. He monitors his credit score, always pays off his credit cards in full any month, and keeps lane of his miles and cards during websites like AwardWallet.

Though that sounds like a lot of work, it’s a lifestyle that Keyes has built adult to.

“Over time, we start to ramp adult your credit cards solemnly yet surely,” Keyes said. “Don’t go open 6 cards right off a bat, yet go during your possess comfort turn and solemnly work your proceed up.” 

Choose credit cards that give we a best perks

centurion amex loll airportinkiboo/FlickrSome credit cards will give we entrance to airfield lounges where we can eat and splash for free.

“I suffer drifting since we can get into these lounges and that usually creates a knowledge a whole lot some-more pleasurable,” Keyes said. “You can have giveaway drink and giveaway WiFi and get out of a dispatch and bustle. They even have perks like showers in here and giveaway spas.”

To entrance a lush universe of airfield lounges, Keyes uses his credit label perks.

“Every airfield has opposite lounges and it usually depends on a credit label either it will give we access,” he told us. Do some investigate about what lounges are during your many busy airports and see if there is a transport credit label we can pointer adult for to entrance them.

Get a giveaway stopover outing with your revisit flyer miles 

Airlines assign a set series of revisit flyer miles for certain places around a world, no matter where we go. For instance, an economy sheet from a US to Eastern Asia on United will cost we 65,000 miles, either you’re roving to Taipei or Tokyo.

But Keyes pronounced that airlines will let we have a giveaway stopover with your revisit flyer miles – something many people don’t realize. That means we can book a moody from a US to Tokyo, yet fly behind to a US from Taipei.

You’ll need to book apart transport accommodations to get from Tokyo to Taipei, yet a sheet will expected be flattering affordable. “You can supplement a whole other end to your outing for roughly zero extra,” Keyes said. 

Make your miles go serve with prolonged layovers

Scott KeyesCourtesy of Scott KeyesKeyes’s hacks infer that with a small formulation and research, we can see a world.

Most revisit flyer users don’t comprehend that we can take a layover of reduction than 24 hours for an total volume of flights.

If you’re peaceful to do a legwork and research, we could see a lot of opposite countries on your proceed to a end with this hack.

“Say you’re drifting in a South Pacific and you’re peaceful to spend reduction than a day in any place, we can fly from New Zealand to Cook Island to Guam to Singapore to Bangkok and fundamentally do all this for a cost of one awards flight,” Keyes said.

You might not be means to soak adult a feel of any city for customarily a day, yet it usually goes to uncover that with a small planning, we can see a world.

For some-more of Scot Keyes’s transport tips and advice, check out his ebooks e-books “How To Fly For Free” and “How To Find Cheap Flights.”

Article source: http://www.businessinsider.com/money-saving-travel-hacks-2015-4

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