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15 Yummy Recipe Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

What are we going to do with all your Thanksgiving leftovers? Freeze some, send some home with friends, reheat a turkey, gravy, and stuffing – or be some-more creative! Here’s how:


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1) Cranberry croissant sandwich - Split a croissant in half and simply toast it. Slather it with a tiny Dijon mustard, a integrate of layers of turkey meat, and tip with cranberry sauce.

2) Turkey melt – Use a cut of sourdough or pumpernickel bread. You wish something a tiny thick and substantial. Lightly butter a side you’re going to put in your pan. Layer on a few slices of turkey meat, cover with provolone cheese if regulating sourdough, and cheddar or Colby if regulating pumpernickel. Put in a toaster oven until a cheese melts (you can also put underneath your oven broiler, though be clever it doesn’t burn.)

3) TLT – Turkey, lettuce and tomato. Toast 3 slices whole wheat bread. Spread presumably mustard, mayo or butter on one side, as we prefer. Layer a skinny cut of turkey, along with lettuce and a cut of tomato on top; repeat with a square of toast, afterwards another layer of turkey, lettuce and tomato; tip with a final square of toast that has again been widespread with a seasoning we prefer. You’ll have 3 pieces of toast distant by dual layers of TLT. Cut a sandwich into quarters.

4) Wrap – The beauty of a hang is that we can fill it with all a reduction we love. Spread a hang (which can be a tortilla or whatever flatbread we prefer) with mustard, mayo, plantation dressing, bleu cheese, thousand island, leftover cranberry sauce, or another salsa we enjoy. Put down a covering of lettuce or spinach, followed by a skinny covering of turkey or, if vegetarian, vegetables we have left over. Sprinkle with diced red onion (I privately consider that a tiny red onion goes a prolonged way, though fit yourself.) Add a splash of salt and uninformed belligerent pepper. Roll up, afterwards cut into rounds about an inch-and-a-half thick.


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5) Turkey mayo salad – Chop adult turkey into chunks; bones a half-stalk of celery and abrade half a carrot. Add a handful of  seedless grapes, halved. Mix together with mayonnaise, salt, and peppers (I generally use customarily about a tablespoon full of mayonnaise per crater of turkey, though we competence like more). Sprinkle in toasted walnuts. Serve on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce a approach we would tuna or duck salad.

6) Turkey Cesar salad – Tear romaine lettuce into bite-size pieces. Chop turkey into chunks. Sprinkle with pre-mixed Cesar salad dressing. Top with parmesan cheese and croutons done from bread or cornbread leftover from dinner.

7) Green beans Nicoise – Toss together leftover immature beans with boiled potatoes halved or quartered, thinly sliced red onions, and black olives. Sprinkle with an olive oil and red booze vinaigrette. Add flaked tuna, or keep it vegetarian.

8) Broccoli Red Pepper Kalamata Salad – Add leftover steamed broccoli to a bowl, along with red peppers that have been cut into half in. strips and pitted Kalamata olives. Squeeze lemon extract on top, shower with olive oil, stir, afterwards addition sea salt and uninformed belligerent peppers to taste.


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9) Turkey or unfeeling pot pie – If we consider you’ll wish to make this with your leftovers, devise in allege and ready some additional cake crusts when you’re creation your dessert pies. (The membrane keeps for a few days in a refrigerator.) Dice white and dim meat, immature beans, carrots, onions, peas, and diced potatoes if they were boiled – crushed won’t work as well. Proportions will change depending on what leftovers we have. Mix together with leftover gravy, about dual cups of gravy for a 9-inch pie. Roll out a cake dough, addition a gravy mixture, cover with a tip crust, and opening to let a steam escape. (If we customarily have one crust, use it for a top, not a bottom.) Brush membrane with a tiny beaten egg to give it some shine. Bake during 350 degrees F for about 30 mins until crus is golden.

10) Turkey and/or unfeeling soup – we will customarily prepare a turkey body for 3 or 4 hours, along with some onions and carrots, until we get a dainty broth. Then we aria a broth, and use it as soup stock. Depending on what’s left over and what’s in my fridge, I’ll addition uninformed chopped carrots, diced onions and celery, presumably Brussels sprouts, corn, presumably diced potatoes, and white navy beans. we would substantially addition a few tablespoons of gravy if there’s any left, for a richer flavor, though we don’t wish to repress a soup with gravy. In a apart pot, I’ll prepare adult rice or something like bend macaroni or crawl ties. we keep these apart so they don’t overcook. If we wish to addition baked turkey, we fragment it though keep it separate, like we do with a rice or pasta so it doesn’t overcook. When we offer a soup, we addition a rice and turkey to a bowl, not a pot.

11) Potato pancakes – If we have leftover crushed potatoes, brew them with cheddar cheese and chopped immature onions. Form into patties 3 inches around and maybe a entertain in. thick. Heat a tiny volume of unfeeling oil in a skillet. You wish adequate oil so a patties don’t stick, though not so most that they are floating in oil or get greasy. Saute on core high feverishness until they are frail and exhilarated through, maybe 3 mins on any side.

12) Turkey enchiladas – Dice or fragment leftover turkey. Mix with grated Monterrey Jack cheese, chopped immature chilis (you can get them canned and chopped, mild, core or hot), and diced onion. Lay out a vast tortilla. Put around 3/4 crater of a reduction in a core of the tortilla. Roll up, and place join side down in a 9×13 stew dish. When a plate is filled with tortillas, flow enchilada salsa over a enchiladas, shower with a tiny some-more Jack cheese. Back in a 350 grade oven until bubbly hot. Proportions will change depending on how most turkey we use: To fill a 9×13 stew dish, we customarily use 8 vast enchiladas, around 4 cups of diced turkey, dual cups of cheese, dual tiny cans of immature chilis, a half crater diced onion, and around 12 ounces of pre-made enchilada sauce.

13) Squash soup - Leftover acorn squash, butternut squash, or delicious (not sugary) honeyed potatoes can be simply incited into soup by pureeing in a blender with unfeeling gas (or duck or turkey gas – not gravy – if we aren’t perplexing to stay vegetarian). Add gas until we get a preferred coherence – a some-more gas we add, a thinner a soup will be, so addition solemnly and ambience as we go.

14) Veggie stir fry – The best veggies for stir grill are onions (green, sweet), peppers (green, yellow, red), broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, sprouts, and H2O chestnuts. See what leftovers we have, afterwards addition with a few veggies from a fridge. Heat 3 tablespoons oil in a skillet or wok. On core high heat, addition diced ginger and garlic, and stir to forestall scorching. Add a underdone veggies first. When we can pierce them with a fork, addition a leftover veggies. Season with soy sauce. Serve over brownish-red rice.

15) Turkey boiled rice – Het 3 tbsps oil on core high. Add 2 cups baked white or brownish-red rice and a half crater of chopped immature onions. Saute quickly afterwards make a good in a center, and addition another tsp of oil in a well. Scramble 2 eggs in a apart bowl, afterwards flow into a rice well. Cook until a eggs set, afterwards brew a eggs into a rice mixture. Turn down a heat. Add a crater or so of diced turkey and one-two tablespoons of teryaki sauce. Mix into a rice and feverishness through. Serve.

What’s your favorite approach to use Thanksgiving leftovers? Please share!

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