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2014 witnesses record investments in automotive sector

An huge investment was done in a automotive sector, one of a heading sectors of a Turkish economy in 2014. While many bureau investments have been completed, new indication investments have been settled. Tofaş invested $520 million in a hatchback and hire car models. If a investment done on a new sedan and a new Doblo is included, a sum figure reaches $1.4 billion. Doubling a trickery capacities in İzmit with an investment of TL1.4 billion, Hyundai Assan started to trade a i20 model. In a initial stage, a i20 will be exported to 32 countries.

Ford Otosan finished a third bureau in Yeniköy within a initial half of 2014. The Yeniköy bureau was a initial bureau investment for 14 years. The association also began a production of a new light blurb vehicle, called Courier. An investment of $ 1.1 billion was done in a new bureau and in a Courier model. With a inclusion of a investment of a supply industry, a sum figure reaches $ 1.6 billion.

Mercedes-Benz Türk finished a investment valued during 320 million euro in a Aksaray lorry factory. With a new production hall, a company’s lorry ability rose to 17,500.

Also, countless agreements were signed, and new co-operations were instituted in 2014. Karsan sealed an agreement with a Hyundai Motor Company to make blurb vehicles. To make trucks and tow-cars in Russia, Ford Otosan sealed a chit of bargain with Russian Avtotor Holding.

Moreover, a automotive attention is counting a days until it breaks a production and exporting record. In a initial 11 months of a year, a series of made vehicles rose to 1.05 million, while a series of those exported reached 803,000. A new all-time record will be damaged once 140,000 some-more vehicles are made and 108,000 some-more are exported.

Article source: http://www.dailysabah.com/money/2014/12/30/2014-witnesses-record-investments-in-automotive-sector

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