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2015 Final Four Will Be Ultimate Test in Kentucky’s Pursuit of Perfection

INDIANAPOLIS — Kentucky arrives during a Final Four as a best group in a complicated epoch of college basketball. That isn’t my opinion. It’s what a numbers say.

If we scour Ken Pomeroy’s site, that marks teams behind to 2002, his Pythagorean rating has a stream Kentucky patrol knocking 2008 Kansas off a analytics roost as a best of this era. (I would try to explain how a Pythagorean rating works, yet it’s substantially best if we usually Google it or review Bill James.)

David J. Phillip/Associated Press

Now here’s another thing that a numbers, not me, contend about Kentucky: Through 38 games, a ‘Cats had it flattering easy (more on this later), and over their final dual games—assuming they get to play Monday night—few, if any, will have it tougher.

If Duke wins over Michigan State on Saturday night, a leader of Kentucky vs. Wisconsin would have a possibility to hit off dual No. 1 seeds during a Final Four. That has usually happened twice in a story of college basketball—Arizona in 1997 and Kansas in 2008.

The contest is so variable and pointless that frequency do we get a highest-ranked teams personification during a end. Rarely do a teams best versed to kick a champ make it to a final weekend.

This is where Kentucky’s office of soundness gets hairy.

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Kentucky’s invulnerability is a ultimate “Here we are, gamble we can’t kick us” bunch. 

When backup indicate ensure Tyler Ulis was asked on Friday what Wisconsin could do to benefaction a plea to UK’s defense, he answered, “We haven’t unequivocally complicated them. [Kentucky manager John Calipari] isn’t into film.”

And when we unequivocally investigate a ‘Cats, it’s roughly as yet a teams on their report weren’t about looking during a fasten either. 

Go check coaches about a approach to conflict Kentucky’s length, and they would tell we that personification one-on-one is a misfortune approach to try to score. 

“We want guards to come in a paint, since we’ve got good shot-blockers,” Kentucky core Dakari Johnson said. 

Yet somehow UK opponents have a high commission of their security finish in isolation. According to Synergy Sports, usually 5 other Division we teams see some-more siege offense than Kentucky. 

Mark Humphrey/Associated Press

This is a beauty of Kentucky’s defense. The Wildcats wish we to expostulate during them, and they somehow remonstrate we that’s a solution. UK opponents have assisted on an NCAA-low 40 percent of their buckets, according to KenPom.com. That suggests favourite round has been a offense of choice. 

The ‘Cats merit some credit for this, yet a report has also paid them a few favors. The best offense in a SEC, other than Kentucky, was Vanderbilt. 

If we wish to poke holes in a Wildcats’ armor, this would be a place to start. Their report has been flattering light when compared to past champs in a complicated era. The diversion opposite Notre Dame was Kentucky’s usually win over a group now in a KenPom.com tip 10. 

Out of a final 13 champs, usually Duke in 2010 and Florida in 2007 had reduction than dual wins opposite a KenPom tip 10 entering a Final Four—both, like UK, had one apiece.

And now we have that diversion opposite a Irish in a Elite Eight to infer a Wildcats aren’t invincible. 

Notre Dame valid that when a group with a trained and fit offense goes during a ‘Cats, it competence usually have a chance.

And that brings us to a Final Four.

David J. Phillip/Associated Press

As distant as historically good offenses go, Wisconsin is adult there. Saturday will underline a best invulnerability in a KenPom epoch opposite a best offense.

And Notre Dame supposing a plans for how to get it done.

The Irish used actor and round transformation to get good looks, even during a rim. They had 16 assists on 26 buckets and scored 40 of their 66 points in a paint.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“I consider Notre Dame did a good pursuit of being means to finish over length,” UK partner manager Kenny Payne said. “Obviously we helped them somewhat, yet during a finish of a day, they played unequivocally well. Their spacing of a building was unequivocally good, and Wisconsin is similar.”

The Badgers are identical in that like a Irish, they pierce a round well—Bo Ryan’s pitch offense is designed to whip a round around a court—and they’re impossibly fit since their calm leads to good shots.

Even when we force a Badgers into a contested late-clock shot, they’ve got Frank Kaminsky to go through.

“Dude plays angles,” UK youth Willie Cauley-Stein said. “It’s like when you’re younger and we played opposite your uncle. He’s going to use a backboard. He’s going to make shots that we don’t consider should go in, yet he’s polished a shot.”

Wisconsin also usually played a invulnerability many identical to Kentucky’s in college basketball. Arizona is Kentucky Lite with a many allied length—three starters during 6’7″-plus—and shot-blockers safeguarding a rim. The Badgers illuminated those Wildcats adult for 55 points in a second half final Saturday.

Duke is even some-more Notre Dame-ish than Wisconsin in that Mike Krzyzewski has left to a small-ball conflict that facilities 4 shooters and an fit scorer on a blocks. The poignant disproportion is that Duke’s large man, Jahlil Okafor, does his work with his behind to a basket and Notre Dame’s Zach Auguste is some-more of a pick-and-roll specialist. 

“Playing a group like Notre Dame, who is an unimaginable sharpened team, flitting team, slicing team, fit offensively, it was good for us,” Calipari said. “And we had to play nearby ideal down a widen to try to win a game. And a guys did.”

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The best approach to constraint a problem of what Kentucky has left is to demeanour behind on those 2008 Jayhawks. The best group in 13 years of data, that they were, trailed by 9 points in a inhabitant championship with dual mins left. 

It took a storybook comeback, one of a biggest shots in a story of a contest and overtime to win a inhabitant title.

There’s no order that says a best group always wins. 

There’s also no order that says we have to play a good report to win a inhabitant title—and in Calipari’s defense, some of a blue bloods he scheduled (Kansas and UCLA) were down this year.

But no matter how we wish to disintegrate Kentucky or a overwhelming defense, here’s what’s obvious: The basketball gods have given a Wildcats no breaks on their follow of 40-0.

To do it, they will expected have to go by a best offense (Wisconsin), a second-best offense (Notre Dame) and a third-best offense (Duke) in college basketball. And they might need to go by dual No. 1 seeds in 3 days.

Now that would be a truly ancestral feat.


C.J. Moore covers college basketball for Bleacher Report. You can follow him on Twitter @CJMooreBR.  

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