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2015 Ford F-150 First Drive

Unless you’ve been vital in an iron cave this year, you’ve listened by now that a 2015 Ford F-150 is a initial full-size pickup to underline an all-aluminum body. After finally removing a possibility to take one for a spin, we can tell we that it’s substantially a slightest engaging thing about a all-new truck.

Oh, it’s important, a pierce from reduction costly steel directed during improving fuel economy and capability. And a multibillion-dollar bid that went into updating Ford’s supply lines and infrastructure is mind-boggling in scale. But from behind a wheel, a F-150 is kind of usually a pickup. A unequivocally good one.

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A peek during a entirely re-engineered F-150 reveals zero about a large switcheroo, that drops about 700 pounds from America’s best-selling vehicle. Painted steel is embellished metal, after all, though try to hang a magnet to it and you’ll be tortuous over in brief sequence to collect it up. It also sounds opposite if we daub on it. Think I’m conference things? Go hit on a steel bed of your late indication F-150 and afterwards on a hood, that is already done out of good aged atomic series 13.

Of march a support is still steel — no one’s crazy adequate to change that usually nonetheless — though it’s of a high-strength accumulation and stronger than ever. Thanks to a weight loss, a tip draw rating is a best in difficulty 12,200 pounds and a max cargo a truly titanic 3,300 pounds, that is an easy 50 percent improved than a closest competitor. Not bad for a “half-ton” truck.

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Ford says fuel potency increases by 5 to 20 percent, depending on configuration, though it hasn’t put any MPG total on it usually yet. The EPA ratings will be suggested closer to when it goes on sale in a few weeks.

When it does, it will be accessible in 5 trim levels, from XL to Platinum, with 4 engine choices: a 3.5-liter V6 (282 hp, 253 lb-ft), 5.0-liter V8 (385 hp, 387 lb-ft), twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 (365 hp, 420 lb-ft), and a tiny turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 (325 hp, 375 lb-ft). Base prices operation from $26,615 to $52,155, and there are copiousness of cab and bed sizes to brew and match.

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All of them underline a new pattern to assistance it make a grand entrance. It’s a tough and techy demeanour with beveled edges and semi-split headlights that are accessible in full LED. But a altogether character is still says “Ford Truck.” Inside, there are some-more of a same shapes and a tip class materials nonetheless used in an F-150, generally in a top-of-the-line Platinum that we got to spend a day with. It was, according to one accessible Manhattanite who approached it as we sat in traffic, a unequivocally “nice f–king truck.” Not a standard accepting a pickup gets in a Big Apple, though accurate.

I gathering it divided from a city on a prolonged highway run, adult a integrate of mountains, down a sand highway or dual and back. The large Crew Cab 4×4 was dressed to a nines in tawny black leather, installed with options and powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, that is expected to be a tip choice among buyers. Unfortunately, it’s too manly to unequivocally prominence a weight detriment though a correct back-to-back comparison contra a similarly-outfitted steel physique chronicle — even in a aged F-150, this engine could lift a tiny comet though violation a sweat.

Nevertheless, there’s no proceed I’d contend it felt heavy, and a physique panels were plain as a rock. we was anticipating for some-more of a revelatory, next-gen experience, though there’s positively zero to tip we off that something bizarre is afoot. Perhaps that was intentional; Ford doesn’t wish to shock divided any of a 700,000 or so constant annual business in a name of assembly arriving EPA standards.

I didn’t see any miracles per gallon on a multifunctional digital arrangement in a core of a instrument cluster, though a earnings were positively no worse than a 2014 F-150′s 17 mpg total rating. The smaller turbo is expected to be a potency personality and a some-more constrained tender in this reimagined hauler, so we demeanour brazen to a event to perplexing one of those down a road.

My tester was unequivocally refined, with a still cabin and a good ride, if still not utterly on standard with a creamy Ram 1500, that is tops in this category. In particular, it was choppy adequate over severe surfaces that we took note, though it was also a pre-production model, so I’ll give it a “Grade Pending” measure for now. However, a turn of apparatus and record pressed into it was over anything else out there currently and needs no such excuses.

The F-150 isn’t accessible usually with a blind mark warning system; it also has a line depart impediment complement that autonomously steers between a lines. It’s not assertive adequate to be a hands-off affair, though it keeps we honest if you’re not profitable full attention. (The massaging seats can be a distraction, we know. And, yes, we can get those, too.)

Need to lift into a together parking space? The bird’s-eye-view camera system, identical to Nissan’s and Land Rover’s, should help. Or we can sequence adult a self-parking complement that usually does it for we while we work a gas and brakes.

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A two-row breathtaking moonroof isn’t accurately what you’d call high-tech, though it is a splendid idea, as are a spotlights built into a side-view mirrors. Power retracting side steps, a remote opening tailgate and loading ramps that store inside a bed usually make things too easy during a pursuit site, or ATV track.

Unfortunately, a F-150 is saddled with a antiquated MyFord Touch infotainment complement that competence be a usually Ford underline you’ve listened some-more about recently than a F-150’s aluminum, and frequency for a good reason. At slightest here it comes with a lot of redundant, work glove-compatible knobs and buttons to assistance make adult for a many shortcomings.

Generally speaking, a F-150 has few of those. As always, it’s a top-notch bid and should greatfully a true as they lift divided from a showroom. How good that aluminum will reason adult in a years that follow, and what it will cost to correct if it doesn’t are a good unknowns.

To assistance answer a first, Ford personally transposed a steel bodies of a integrate of comparison F-150s with aluminum and handed them over to a mining association for dual years. According to them, no one knew a difference, though Ford used a lessons schooled from a knowledge to make serve improvements anyway.

As for a cost to protection and repair, a underwriters are holding a wait-and-see proceed until adequate of a trucks get into accidents to build adult some data, though Ford says a aluminum will be rival with steel to fix. Since prices for deputy tools haven’t done it into a company’s catalog yet, we found another new steel-to-aluminum barter in there to get an thought of what “competitive” competence mean.

Ford infrequently hasn’t left out of a proceed to surveillance it, though a all-new 2015 Mustang also adds some aluminum bodywork in a form of a front fenders, that list for $293.72 each. Last year’s steel chronicle goes for $205.37, or 30 percent less. But, hey, that’s aluminum to apples.

Regardless, if we forget about what a F-150 is done from, you’ll never know a difference. That is, until we have to draw something, or bucket adult a bed or fill a tank. In that case, things competence get interesting.

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/11/14/2015-ford-f-150-first-drive/

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