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2015 MTV Movie Awards: See a Best and Worst Moments

Zac Efron, Dave Franco, MTV Movie Awards
Zac Efron, Dave Franco, MTV Movie AwardsMatt Sayles/Invision/AP

We competence have missed out saying Zac Efron go (completely) shirtless again, though a MTV Movie Awards weren’t though a surprises.

For starters, Amy Schumer made a lot of unwashed jokes. Like, a lot. They competence not all have landed seamlessly with a audience, though we can during slightest contend we were enormous adult during E! HQ. 

The rest of a night kind of seemed like The Shailene Woodley Show. After all, she took home what seemed like about 100 awards. 

And afterwards there were some-more unwashed jokes. But given we can’t repeat a lot of what was said, we’ll only go right into recapping a best and misfortune moments from a show.

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The Best

Amy Schumer: It was a comedian’s initial vital hosting gig, and she brought a much-needed volume of irascibility and pretentious to a show. From her twerk-tastic opening series to her eagerness to make fun of, well, everybody (MTV included), it’s protected to contend she put in a flattering plain performance.

Channing Tatum’s Mini-Striptease: Because we can’t block Magic Mike XXL without a small grooving and shaking. We benefaction a video evidence:

Robert Downey, Jr. Accepted a Generation Award Like a Boss: How is it probable for one male to be so overwhelming and so common during a same time? From his wander onstage finish with token sunglasses to his relocating debate (in that he told a assembly to “keep your nose clean,” among other things), a whole coming was classical RDJ.

Zac Efron and Dave Franco: These dual together are only hilarious, and it’s done even improved when they’re usurpation a endowment for Best Duo in some of their many absurd Neighbors costumes—complete with Jinxy Cat. And who could forget a small passage trip Zac gave a audience? Oh, and that arm squeeze of course.

Kevin Hart’s Speech: The routinely effusive comedian motionless to take things down a nick for a Comedic Genius Award, and a outcome was totally touching. The fact that he brought his kids adult onstage with him only done things even sweeter.

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The Worst:

Zac Efron’s First Appearance: If he’s not holding his shirt off we’re only not that interested. His contributions to tonight’s uncover consisted of him station onstage with his We Are Your Friends costar Emily Ratajkowski, presenting an endowment fully-clothed. Can we contend anti-climactic?

Shailene Woodley’s Trailblazer Speech: We adore Shailene, though given she knew this endowment was function couldn’t she during slightest have jotted down some notes? Instead she took a theatre to contend a few touching difference and afterwards mislaid her sight of thought. Awkward pauses aren’t fun for anyone.

The Best Kiss Award: We’re not dissapoint about a winners, we see—Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort did a excellent pursuit locking lips in The Fault In Our Stars. Rather we’re bummed that we didn’t get a lick reenactment. Ansel was incompetent to make a awards show, that left Shailene to accept a endowment alone and make a fun about kissing her brother. Womp womp.

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