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27 blank as buildings fall in southern China landslide

A large landslide buried an industrial park in a southern Chinese city Shenzhen on Sunday morning, according to Chinese state media reports and online posts. The series of casualties is  unknown. 

At slightest 27 people sojourn missing, and rescuers have pulled 4 people alive from collapsed or buried buildings, China’s state newswire Xinhua reported on Sunday afternoon. About 1,500 rescue workers have been dispatched to a scene.

The landslide occurred during 11:40 a.m. and lonesome an area of some-more than 215,000 block feet in Shenzhen’s Guangming New District, including a Liuxi Industrial Park, according to a televised matter by Shenzhen metropolitan central Li Yikang. At slightest 900 people have been evacuated, he said.

After a landslide, China’s boss Xi Jinping released an “important directive” perfectionist that provincial and metropolitan authorities “rapidly organize” puncture response measures and “do their pinnacle to safeguard that casualties are minimized.

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“Several people have been trapped, and a series of casualties can't be estimated,” pronounced an essay on a website of a state-run People’s Daily.

Pictures posted online uncover wrecked tangles of low-slung, petrify buildings — both residential complexes and workman dorms — submerged in a waves of red dirt. Others uncover rescue authorities in orange jumpsuits and white helmets walking over a mud with shovels. One video shows a tile-clad, three-story building collapsing in a cloud of smoke.

In November, a landslide in eastern China’s Zhejiang range killed scarcely 40 people. In 2008, a mudslide in northern China’s Shanxi province, triggered by a fall of a mining rubbish reservoir, killed 277. 

The means of Sunday’s landslide is still unclear.



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