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4 Chikungunya Cases Recorded in Boston

Four people in a Boston-area have been diagnosed with chikungunya, a Boston Public Health Commission confirms.

The Boston Public Health Commission pronounced a cases do not poise a hazard to a public.

Chikungunya is a viral illness transmitted to people by putrescent mosquitoes. The infection can final about 3 to 7 days.

The many common symptoms of this mosquito-borne illness are heat and corner paint.  There also be symptoms like embody headache, flesh pain, corner swelling, or rash.

Currently, there is no vaccine to forestall or medicine to provide a virus.

Since Jul of this year, some-more than 50 cases of chikungunya have been available in a US.  Most of a infections have been rescued in a state Florida by travelers who trafficked from a Caribbean.

Health officials pronounced no mosquitoes in a US have been found carrying a disease.

Article source: http://www.upstartmagazine.com/4-chikungunya-cases-recorded-in-boston/294808/

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