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4 Critical Health And Travel Apps That Don’t Exist (Yet)

For many people, roving abroad is an event filled with consternation and new adventures.  However, when a medical puncture occurs, a dream vacation can fast spin into a nightmare.

Are we endangered that your child competence have an allergic greeting while overseas, or that your father competence have a heart conflict while on a excursion to applaud his retirement?  We tend not to worry about a possess health and wellness, though when we comprehend that health and transport issues can impact someone we love, we’re many some-more meddlesome in a conversation.  Forget “it can occur to you” – it can occur to someone we caring deeply about.

A discerning demeanour by a Android or iTunes App stores exhibit a vast series of travel, health, and aptness apps.  But there are comparatively few that residence a needs of a unsettled traveler abroad.

To try this problem further, we spoke with Stephanie Be, owner of a website TravelBreak and a inclusive transport consultant who addresses issues in transport reserve and technology.  She described a outing she took to Prague.  A crony she was roving with had an asthma conflict when no one was around, and all a businesses were closed.  Stephanie explained, “With no time to research our options, we had to make discerning decisions to problem-solve.  The life of one of my best friends was during risk and a options were limited.”

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Traveling abroad can benefaction poignant hurdles when a medical puncture occurs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In her new article, 5 Mobile Apps for Safer Travel, she discussed apps such as iEmergency, Find Your Embassy, TripLingo, TripIt, and Safety Map Worldwide.  While any of these apps is innovative and useful, nothing of them would have helped Stephanie’s crony with a issues she faced in Prague, including last what her American word would cover if she was treated in a Czech Republic.  We asked Stephanie to report a many useful health and transport apps that don’t exist (yet), though should.

1) Find-A-Clinic:  This would be an app that provides hit information for, and directions to, a nearest and many suitable medical caring facility, formed on your stream situation.  On request, it would call for puncture services and yield them with your stream GPS location.  Stephanie recalled, “I was in automobile accidents in Rio and in Bangkok.  Although we didn’t need any medical attention, we wouldn’t have famous where to go or how to promulgate with someone for help.”

2) InsuranceAssure:  This app would fact what your word during home and your transport word cover, highlighting a differences.  It would also list your prescriptions, blood type, allergies, etc., so that if we are incompetent to communicate, a initial responders can lift it up.  Translation of a information into a internal denunciation would be an critical feature.  As Stephanie puts it, “Mid-emergency, this would be many some-more effective than saying, ‘Hey, guys, only a sec … let me leave my word association an email or voicemail and wish that with time disproportion they’ll get behind to me soon.’”

3) MedBox:  This app would yield a list of remedy and OTC drugs accessible during a nearest pharmacy – clearing adult a disproportion in code names so that we can squeeze a suitable remedy during an puncture overseas.  From your simple painkiller, to cold and allergy medication, we need to be means to squeeze common drugs but an costly general medic fee.  Furthermore, many abroad stores sell remedy over a opposite that would need a remedy in a U.S.

4) HealthyFoodAnywhere:  This app would indicate and interpret a unfamiliar menu and brand probable allergens, disastrous drug interactions, or food poisoning risks.  It could also potentially brand dishes with high fat, salt, sugar, or gluten content.  Current apps, such as iTranslate – Photo to Text, already perform some aspects of a indicate and interpret functions.  The combined value here would be integrating a dietary factors and a patient’s medical data.

Technology continues to make good strides in both a transport and heath domains.  However, there is a poignant need (and opportunity) to start integrating these capabilities to residence life-and-death problems that a chairman roving abroad might encounter.

Rob Szczerba is a CEO of X Tech Ventures.  Follow him on Forbes, Twitter (@RJSzczerba), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertszczerba/2014/08/19/4-critical-heath-and-travel-apps-that-dont-exist-yet/

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