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400% Growth Predicted For China’s Lithium-Ion Automotive Battery Market By …

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Mark Kane

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Batteries are removing hot

How about ultimate battery container for electric cars?

We need some-more batteries!

Market investigate organisation CCM predicts that a lithium-ion battery marketplace is commencement to enter a golden epoch in China following high expansion of electric automobile sales.

According to CCM data, in 2014 manufacturers in China constructed 78,499 EVs (including little vehicles), that is 250% some-more than in 2013. In 2015, sales will grow even faster to 250,000!

In such a case, a lithium-ion battery attention should burst by 400% by 2017.

CCM expects it to grow from 4 billion Ah a year to 20 billion Ah a year. Times 3.5 V (cell voltages differences among opposite chemistries), that would be 70 GWh (twice a distance of a Tesla Gigafactory and dual times some-more than universe prolongation in 2013).

“This fast expansion is sparking identical expansion in direct for energy lithium-ion batteries, Chinese EV code BYD has already encountered problems assembly orders due to a necessity of batteries, according to CCM.

Samsung, LG, and Foxconn all invested some-more than RMB 2 billion (US$325 million) in China’s lithium-ion battery marketplace in 2014, and CCM expects to see identical levels of investment in 2015.

Most domestic Chinese battery manufacturers now loiter behind their competitors in Japan, South Korea, and a US in terms of their ability to make high behaving EV batteries, yet this opening is squeezing gradually, so there is a vast event for general players to benefit marketplace share in China’s energy lithium-ion battery marketplace in a entrance years, a organisation suggests.”

Source: Green Car Congress

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2 responses to “400% Growth Predicted For China’s Lithium-Ion Automotive Battery Market By 2017″

  1. Lensman says:

    I’ll be not merely glad, though ecstatic, if this explain of 400% expansion by 2017 turns out to be true. The claims I’ve review about LG Chem don’t impress; $200 to $400 million invested in new battery factories don’t magnitude adult to a $5 billion that Tesla Motors is investing in a Gigafactory. Sure, construction in China is cheaper, though we severely doubt it’s -that- most cheaper.

    If all a li-ion battery makers in China, together, can equal or surpass a per-kWh outlay of a Gigafactory, and if they can boost prolongation to that distance in usually dual years, afterwards maybe a EV series can finally go into exponential growth. But distant too many EVs in China are small, short-range NEVs… radically saved golf carts. Those need -far- reduction kWh than a highway-capable, full sized PEV.

    So we doubt a numbers in this article; we severely doubt that China is going to furnish double a Gigafactory’s outlay within only dual years, or even equal a GF’s output. we think a numbers in this essay assume that all (or scarcely all) of those cars being done are full-sized, highway able EVs of a form sole in a U.S.

    I have no doubt that eventually China will accommodate and afterwards surpass a kWh prolongation turn of a Gigafactory, as a PEV marketplace grows there. But we have seen no justification of a investment indispensable by battery makers to build out that ability for prolongation by 2017.

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