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500-Pound Fireball Illuminates Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York Pre-Dawn Skies

PHOTO: NASA footage shows a space stone estimated to be about dual feet in hole and weighing 500 pounds entering a atmosphere above western Pennsylvania on a early morning of Feb. 17, 2015.

A 500-pound fireball meteor going 45,000 miles per hour held by NASA Meteor Watch cameras, splendid skies above Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York early Tuesday.

The unenlightened space rock, that was indeed usually about 2 feet in diameter, light brighter than a full moon, NASA Meteor Watch wrote on Facebook.

The American Meteor Society perceived 96 reports of sightings of a meteor from eyewitnesses.

A confidence camera in Robinson, Pennsylvania, held a blazing space stone lighting adult a sky, and video from it was uploaded to YouTube by user Ron Shawley.

The eventuality took place during around 4:50 a.m., NASA said.

“It illuminated adult a sky (and all it a sleet of course) splendid blue,” Pennsylvania proprietor Karen Rayner Bierbauer wrote on Facebook. “Very neat.”

NASA Meteor Watch also expelled an animation display a circuit of a fireball and a a viewpoint as it approached Earth. The astronomical caller came a “might prolonged way” from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, a group added.

Fragments famous as meteorites could be sparse on a belligerent easterly of a Kittanin, Pennsylvania, where cameras mislaid lane of a fireball, NASA Meteor Watch said.

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/500-pound-fireball-illuminates-pennsylvania-ohio-york-pre/story?id=29058253

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