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58 killed as train runs into truck

21 injured; overloaded train was on approach to Karachi from Swat, carrying mostly labourers’ families; 40 bodies strech Nowshera; bad figure of road, bad pushing causes of accident


By Imtiaz Hussain


SUKKUR: Fifty-eight passengers were killed and 22 others harmed when a Karachi-bound train collided head-on with a lorry during a Theri Bypass, Khairpur, early on Tuesday morning. The passed comprised 18 children, 17 women and 22 men.


The lethal collision occurred when a Karachi-bound manager (JB-5190) entrance from Swat collided with a lorry (TKJ-511) installed with spark during a Theri Bypass circuitously Pir Mangio during around 4:30am on Tuesday.


Rescue teams rushed to a site of a collision and along with villagers started rescue work. The SSP Khairpur besides a Rangers and other rescue teams rushed to a spot. The rescue teams cut open a train regulating steel cutters and pulled out a harmed victims, who were shifted to a Civil Hospital, Khairpur.


Reports pronounced that due to a miss of rescue equipment, including ambulances, a rescue teams faced problems, that caused a check in changeable a harmed to hospitals. An puncture was announced during a Civil Hospital, Khairpur. Doctors and paramedics in vast numbers attended to a injured. SSP Khairpur Nasir Aftab pronounced that 58 passengers were killed and 20 were injured.


He pronounced that many of a passengers belonged to Swat’s Bahrain, Badgram and Madina villages.The district authorities in Khairpur organised coffin boxes and other required apparatus to dispatch a bodies to their internal places.


Reports pronounced that 16 bodieswith a lorry No: TKJ-511. Rescue teams reached a stage one hour after a accident, pronounced eye witnesses. Villagers started to rescue a victims during first. SSP Khairpur led a military organisation that reached a spot, followed by Rangers and other rescue teams.


Reports pronounced that rescue teams cut tools of a train and lorry to lift out passengers and shifted them to Civil Hospital Khairpur. Due to miss of equipment, rescue teams faced difficulties. Lack of ambulances behind smoothness of a harmed to hospital.


Hospital staff unsuccessful to scrupulously conduct a puncture situation, that caused an boost in a genocide toll.Religious used shrill speakers to announce from mosques to strech sanatorium for donating blood. SSP Khairpur asked military to strech sanatorium and benefaction blood to a injured.


Different director organisations including Pak-Hyderi, Al-Farooque, Al-Siddique, AL-Shahbaz, Khairpur Boys Open group, and JDC etc rushed to sanatorium and determined camps to benefaction blood and give assistance to police, Rangers and sanatorium staff in doing a emergency.


Pakistan Army Medical Mission of Pano Aqil Garrison, Rangers Medical Core also rushed to a hospital.Ambulances of Edhi, Khidmat Foundation, PPHI, JUD and GIMS also reached a hospital.Doctors, paramedics, and nurses in a vast series attended a injured.


The SSP pronounced roughly all passengers belonged to Swat and circuitously areas. District authorities organised coffin boxes for a passed bodies. Up to 16 passed bodies have been shifted to Karachi, and others sent by C-130 to Swat. Photos of passed bodies have been displayed by a sanatorium authorities for their identification. Up to 33 passed bodies have been identified compartment a stuffing of this report.


Families pronounced a harmed and a passed were labourers and were on a approach to Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities of Sindh.


Aslan khan pronounced his hermit Dil Muhammad, his mother Nusrat Bibi and children Rafia, Naila, Ibrahim and Bano were killed in a accident. He pronounced they were entrance to Ranipur city of Khairpur.


Nisar, his children Unsa, Saima, and mother Nain Tara were among a dead. Sultan, Amroz, Ghulam Ishaq, his sister Saima, Anwar Noman, Muhammad Zada, Bakhtawar, Tota Khan, Noor Muhammad, M Iqbal, Mansoor Illahi, Amna, Muhammad Yaseen, Muhamamd Sami, train motorist Ghulam Hyder and cleaner Mustafa were all killed in a accident.


Anneta, Hazrat Bibi, Aman Bibi, Nasir Ali, Naib Khan, Shahnam, Naik Muhammad, Muhammas Younis, Muzamil, Akbar Zada, Sohrab and others were among a injured.The train stopped during a internal hotel during Therhi, where a luckless passengers took tea and used bathrooms.


Eyewitnesses pronounced a loosening on partial of a motorist caused a deadly accident. They pronounced a highway was rough though a motorist did not delayed down. DIG Motorway AD Khawaja pronounced a collision was a outcome of wide and rough inlet of road, adding that a train was overloaded. Muhammad Iqbal Malik pronounced he has not seen such a deadly collision as this in his 50 years of use in Khairpur. Senior adults of Khairpur pronounced that they also never witnessed such a deadly highway accident. Sukkur commissioner, DC, Khairpur DC, MNA Nafisa Shah and others visited a Civil Hospital Khairpur and scrutinise after a injured.


Agencies add: AD Khawaja, a Motorway Police arch of Sindh province, told AFP: “There was a low embankment on a highway that we call ‘rutting’ some 30 to 40 yards before a place where a train strike a truck.”


“We have schooled that a train went out of control after it strike a rutting and it landed on a conflicting side of a highway and afterwards strike a lorry that was entrance from Karachi.”Senior military officer Faisal Chachar, who is in assign of a widen of highway where a collision happened, pronounced that not prolonged before a accident, a train motorist was fined for overloading.


He pronounced a train and a lorry had both been travelling during around 80-90 kilometres per hour (50-55 miles per hour) when they collided.“We had to call automatic cranes and cutters to apart a train and trucks and a train was dense completely,” Chachar said.


President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif voiced their surpassing grief over a detriment of changed lives in Khairpur accident.In their message, both a boss and a primary apportion destined a provincial supervision to yield best medical diagnosis to a injured.


PPP co-Chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari voiced grief and grief over deaths of 58 people in a accident.In a statement, Zardari pronounced he was repelled and distressed over tragedy in that a newcomer train collided with a truck.


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Khursheed Shah, member of a Sindh supervision and other domestic total have also voiced grief over a tragedy.


Our match adds from Karachi: The confidant to Sindh CM Waqar Mehdi has demanded of a sovereign supervision to sequence a finish exploration into a comfortless highway collision during Khairpur. Talking to The News, he pronounced Sindh supervision had organised C-130 aircraft for a luckless families to take them during their preferred destinations.


He pronounced inhabitant highway and superhighway are in a abominable condition due to that such large highway accidents occur. Mehdi pronounced a highway where a collision occurred is entirely underneath a control of a sovereign supervision as good as National Highway Authority (NHA).


Waqar Mehdi pronounced 42 bodies of luckless train have been sent by C-130 aircraft.He pronounced 16 bodies have been shifted to Karachi by ambulance. Mehdi pronounced 22 harmed are being treated during Civil Hospital Khairpur, and one of a harmed has been shifted to Larkana. He pronounced Sindh arch apportion has announced Rs30,000 for a harmed persons any to get full medical cover.


Our Nowshera match adds: The bodies of 40 passengers, who were killed in a highway collision in Khairpur, had been shifted to Nowshera for funeral by C-130 aircraft here on Tuesday night.


The kin of a passed people had been watchful during Risalpur in Nowshera given 7 pm to accept a bodies being flown by C-130 aircraft organised by a Pakistan Army.The mediapersons, military and Pakistan Army soldiers were also benefaction with a relatives.


The internal administration in partnership with a Pakistan Army had organised 40 ambulances for changeable a bodies to their particular areas for burial.Lt Col Mobeen Shahid and PML-N personality and confidant to a primary apportion Amir Muqam quickly spoke to a media. They thanked a Sindh supervision and Pak Army specifically a arch of Rangers Lt Gen Bilal for assisting a administration in rebellious a comfortless incident.



Article source: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-13-34038-58-killed-as-bus-runs-into-truck

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