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6 Thoughts From William Koch on Family, Politics

Associated Press

Six thoughts from William Koch, on family, income and politics. From an talk with The Associated Press:

—On his hermit Charles: “He likes to do things his possess way. He likes to be a boss, as many comparison brothers do. … He does like control.”

—On his siblings overall: “I once used to contend that my hermit David collected girlfriends compartment he got married, afterwards my hermit Charles collects income and my hermit Fred collects houses and afterwards we collect all we can.”

—On Charles’ and David’s impasse in politics: “I consternation a small bit about a high form they’ve taken though admire them for their ardent beliefs and their putting their income where their mouths are.”

—On Charles’ domestic views: “He’s a born-again libertarian or a born-again regressive and infrequently born-agains take positions that are a bit extreme.”

—On misconceptions about his family: “We’re all branded as worried extremists or worried conservatives and we know my hermit David and quite we don’t caring if dual guys wish to get married or dual women wish to get married. So what? And so we don’t consider we have what you’d call a Bible-belt attitudes that are thrown onto conservatives. … Some of my brothers are socially magnanimous and economically conservative.”

—On life: “I’ve unequivocally enjoyed a float I’ve had given we left Koch Industries. … What income does is concede we to act out a lot of your eccentricities. … I’ve put a lot of it to good use and I’ve had a lot of fun with a rest.”

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/thoughts-william-koch-family-politics-25096087

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