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7 Automotive Tech Vendors to Watch in 2016

MADISON, Wis. — Move over, smartphones, UHDTVs and wearables. The spotlight during a Consumer Electronics Show subsequent month in Las Vegas will be resplendent blindingly on cars.

Big brand-name automobile OEMs aren’t a usually ones competing for attention. A bandwagon spilling over with wannabes from a high-tech zone will uncover off their program and hardware — deemed elemental to a rejuvenation of a big-steel automobile industry.

Poised to launch a series are electric vehicles, unconstrained cars, mechanism vision, over-the-air upgrades, low learning/artificial intelligence, human-machine interface, real-time 3D mapping, radar, lidar, some-more wireless connectivity and new automotive business models like “the automobile as a service.”

“The automotive attention used to be fast from a high-tech industry,” pronounced Egil Juliussen, investigate executive and principal researcher during IHS Automotive.  Not any more.  “You will be on a front chair during CES” staring down a highway to a future, he said.

“The automotive attention has been fast for so long,” Danny Shapiro, during Nvidia told us. The standing quo was a set of vast players deeply anchored in a normal market. “That,” he said, “is about to go by a radical transformation.”

Of course, it’s still not easy for a tech company, generally among startups, to mangle into automotive. A prolonged rehearsal duration of contrast and subordinate new technologies for a automotive marketplace isn’t essentially concordant with a common startup business model, pronounced Jeff Bier, owner of a Embedded Vision Alliance. 

Consider mechanism prophesy algorithms that contingency work underneath all conditions, Bier said. Apply a same algorithms to video gaming and “the record operative during 99 percent or even 95 percent of a time competence be acceptable.” But, used for self-parking applications, “it has to work during 99.999999 percent of a time, if not 100 percent,” he stressed.

“For startups, that turn of soundness is freaking hard,” pronounced Bier.

Nevertheless, startups are gunning for a automotive market. In 2015, it seemed as yet we were bumping into an automotive startup on a monthly basis, if not each week.

Part of a reason is a foundation of automobiles. As Tesla has proven, Google cars have demonstrated and Apple is about to uncover us, it’s now probable for non-traditional carmakers to moment a market.  Along with a foundation come application-rich, software-centric, electronics-packed cars. Many automotive tech startups now have a whole new register of carmakers they can offer – over Detroit.

In a following pages, EE Times has put together a list of automotive tech companies to watch for during CES and/or 2016.

Table of contents:

  1. Automotive gets spotlight during CES
  2. Faraday Future
  3. Rightware
  4. Quanergy
  5. NXP
  6. VisLab-Ambarella
  7. Nauto
  8. Trillium

Article source: http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1328531

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