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8-story Dunn Automotive to mangle ground, set customary for Pike/Pine …

Dunn Automotive in 1937 (Image: Courtesy Hunters Capital)

Dunn Automotive in 1937 (Image: Courtesy Hunters Capital)

8542981339_c1691db0d7_b 501-east-pike-2014-january-3d-modelIf time is a prosaic circle, there’s a bizarre little loop de loop slated to start Friday during 501 E Pike with a designed groundbreaking for a eight-story, 89-unit Dunn Automotive building.

Named for the auto row-era association that called a 1925-built building during a address home and not Capitol Hill’s heading preservation-minded developer Liz Dunn, a new plan is a showcase of what a City of Seattle’s Pike/Pine refuge incentives should create, Hunters Capital developer Michael Malone told CHS final year.

“In a box of a Dunn Motors site (the CK Graphics building) we will be holding advantage of a conceal bonus, abiding by a compulsory setback, sell height, etc.” Malone wrote in a matter sent to CHS.

“Yet we would like to set a customary when it comes to building a mass out of/on tip of a pre-1940s building. It is a vigilant that a additional mass over a building will be built of high class finish materials, to a pattern that compliments and enhances a ancestral façade subsequent it. Far too many times this additional mass carries nothing of a strange pattern facilities into a top levels. Inside and out, a finished product will applaud a singular story of a smashing 1920s automobile quarrel building.”

Thursday night, city officials met with a development-focused members of a Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council about changes a organisation says will strengthen a city’s inducement program to improved strengthen some-more of a neighborhood’s oldest structures. Meanwhile, CHS recently visited a newly opened Sunset Electric plan during 11th and Pine, one of a initial buildings finished underneath a inducement program.

Like Sunset, Dunn Automotive will underline usually market-rate apartments “described as 89 larger-than-average units (a brew of studios, one bedrooms, and dual bedroom apartments)” in a proclamation from Hunters Capital. The building will also embody “two sell and 3 blurb spaces, one along Summit.”

Preserving a strange 1920’s façade, a pattern from architects Studio Meng Strazzara is dictated to bond a area of currently with a story — and what comes next.

“We ask a group to demeanour during Capitol Hill with a opposite eye, to see not what’s here now though both what it competence have looked like 100 years ago and what it can be in a future,” Malone pronounced in a statement. “We try to strengthen that story and honour a past, while thinking, what can we do with this space to make it improved for a area now and in years to come.”

8758413105_52518fa02f_bHunters Capital has been a heading force in refuge and adaptive reuse with a many land on Capitol Hill. In 2013, it done one of a biggest moves in a area as it scooped adult dual classical E Pike buildings — a Dunn building and a Greenus opposite a travel during Pike and Summit. As it prepares for dispersion and refuge to start during a Dunn Automotive structure, Hunters Capital’s investment in a Greenus building continues as a buildout to move a new Trove Korean BBQ, noodles, ice cream *and* drink grill project to E Pike continues. Hunters Capital has also been bustling on E Pine with this multi-million replacement of a Colman Automotive building.

The Dunn Automotive plan will join an ongoing call of construction projects underway opposite Capitol Hill and a focused cluster on E Pike. Work also began this week on the eight-story refuge and growth plan during Melrose and Pine.

Here’s how Hunters Capital describes a building’s automobile quarrel history:

The Dunn Automotive Building was built in 1925 with designer J. Lister Homes and builder Western Construction Co. The strange owners of a Dunn Automotive Building, before famous as Holmes Building, was Henry Elliot Holmes. To Holmes, a growth plan was an investment; he saw a arise in a use of automobiles and a growth of Seattle as an automobile placement center.  He chose to build on a skill in a heart of automobile quarrel on Capitol Hill. From 1974 – 2012, copy association C-K Graphics was a solitary building occupant.

Speaking of prosaic circles, a new Dunn Automotive will embody subterraneous parking for 52 vehicles and around 30 bicycles.

Article source: http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2014/06/8-story-dunn-automotive-to-break-ground-set-standard-for-pikepine-preservation-projects/

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