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A feeling of inevitability, in many ways, surrounds Florida State

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — The 70-year aged boss of Florida State was pulling his approach by a crowd, navigating around a cameras until he held a eye of Jimbo Fisher. Another quip was in a books for a Seminoles, another vast step toward a second uninterrupted inhabitant title, and John Thrasher — a career politician who is now a arch decision-maker during a nation’s many disliked football-playing university — wanted to make certain he had his manager in a unequivocally giddy, unequivocally open embrace.

Earlier, Thrasher had expelled a matter blustering The New York Times for a news Friday describing how dual starters on a Florida State invulnerability ran from a stage of a late-night automobile collision in Oct and were given what seemed to be favoured diagnosis by Tallahassee military officers.

It was merely a latest in a prolonged fibre of headlines that has brought unconstrained cynicism about a kind of operation Florida State has been using off a margin while violence everybody on it for now 26 loyal games.

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But here during Sun Life Stadium, moments after No. 2 Florida State finished off nonetheless another quip to flog Miami 30-26, we could during slightest prognosticate since people like Thrasher and Fisher might be means to justify all a enabling and justifying of function other schools during slightest fake to caring about.

The harder a republic roots for Florida State to fall, a some-more self-fulfilling life becomes in a Tallahassee bubble. The Seminoles aren’t using from their temperament as shun artists; in fact, they’re most scripting it before it ever happens.

“It’s customarily what we are,” Fisher said. “It’s a personality.”

In other words: Deal with it, America. And if you’re disheartened by a pluck, and infrequently luck, that has helped Florida State get to 10-0 this season, well, make certain we balance in this Jan since a Seminoles are as certain a gamble right now to make a College Football Playoff as any group in a country.

Maybe there, a Seminoles will face a group that can trowel adequate mud on them to finish this streak. But can we unequivocally count on that, either?

“Everybody talks about this group doesn’t do this, doesn’t do that,” Fisher said. “When we magnitude this group for 60 minutes, it measures adult flattering dag-gone good to anybody, anywhere.”

Are they unequivocally one of a 4 best teams? Who knows. The record says they are, as does their history. But it’s also loyal Florida State, as of today, owns 0 victories this deteriorate over a group in a top-25. And in 4 of those games, it has taken something special for a Seminoles to come behind and win.

In reality, Saturday’s 30-26 feat was arguably a slightest dangerous mark Florida State has faced in a party of tighten calls this season. Whereas a Seminoles positively should have mislaid to Clemson, indispensable a chastisement to take Notre Dame’s winning points off a house and were one play from digging too low a hole opposite Louisville, it felt like a prolonged time entrance when they finally grabbed a lead here with 3:05 left on Dalvin Cook’s 26-yard touchdown run.

Yeah, Florida State got a good rebound here or there, though a Seminoles flattering most dominated after halftime and customarily chipped divided during Miami’s early 23-7 lead until holding a lead like clockwork on a five-play, 62-yard drive. It was arguably a best Florida State’s descent line looked in a prolonged time, and maybe a best defensive diversion of a deteriorate opposite a efficient opponent.

“We knew if we did what we were ostensible to do, calmed down and played a approach we were ostensible to play, we could come behind and win a game,” defensive finish Mario Edwards said. “At halftime, we was like, ‘Guys since do we always have to get accursed out and yelled during before we indeed flog it in rigging and play?’ But we can’t speak your approach out of it. We done corrections and finished adult doing good.”

Said receiver Rashad Greene: “This is how we’re built. At a finish of a day we don’t panic, we don’t censure anyone, we customarily make it possible.”

It’s unequivocally storybook stuff, a approach Florida State has rubbed deficits vast and tiny and crew problems that seemed unfit to solve on a fly. There should be something endearing about a group that never quits and always finds a approach among thousands of other germane clichés.

Instead, Florida State’s refusal to die customarily serves to perplex those who wish to proportion a Seminoles losing a football diversion with probity for a giddiness around a program.

It customarily doesn’t work that way, and it positively doesn’t in Tallahassee, where a some-more their operation gets criticized, a some-more fervently they trust in a virtuousity.

“It’s a enlightenment of a organization,” Fisher said. “It’s a approach we do things. It’s all a things we speak about, a things we never see. we trust in those things wholeheartedly, and that’s since we spend so most income on a support systems.

“I can’t control what people consider of us. That has zero to do with me. I’m customarily unequivocally unapproachable of a group and how we accomplish things. They can consider what they want. we know what we know.”

They’re not going to stop entrance during Florida State, either, from a news organizations digging adult stories to a common Twitter fans pity crab leg memes. Not until ostensible leaders like Thrasher stop with a summary board-style rants. Not until Fisher and those in his circuit start acknowledging that they have let some-more go to get some-more wins. Or maybe, this will all go divided a impulse a Seminoles indeed lose.

After a night like Saturday, nothing of those things seem like they’re function any time soon. ​


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