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A initial demeanour during Microsoft’s smaller, lighter Surface 3, now with full Windows


I’ve only unboxed one of a initial shipping units of Microsoft’s Surface 3. Like each prior member of a family, it’s solidly built and physically attractive, with best sell packaging.

After I’ve had a few days to put Microsoft’s newest tablet/PC hybrid by a paces, I’ll have some-more to share on what a knowledge is like, generally how good it does on battery life (Microsoft claims 10 hours). For now, here are some initial impressions of a Surface 3.

This is, for all unsentimental purposes, a scaled-down chronicle of a successful Surface Pro 3. And when we contend “scaled down,” we meant that in each sense.

At 10.8 inches (measured diagonally), a Surface 3 is noticeably smaller than a 12-inch Pro 3 model. Both models have high-DPI displays, with a Surface 3′s arrangement fortitude of 1920 x 1280 relating a singular 3:2 aspect ratio of a Pro 3.

The Surface 3 is a lightest Surface device Microsoft has ever offering for sale. As a tablet, a Surface 3 weighs 632 g (about 1.4 lb); with a discretionary Type Cover, that turns it into a PC, it weighs 904 g (just a plume underneath 2 lbs). That’s a half-pound reduction than a Pro 3.

Computing energy is scaled down as well. To fit in a slim (8.7 mm, or 0.34 in.), fanless enclosure, a Surface 3 uses an Atom x7-Z8700 processor (it’s a initial device to boat with a CPU from Intel’s new Cherry Trail series). That’s significantly reduction estimate energy than a Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs in a Pro 3. The dual customary configurations also offer half a RAM of a Pro 3 model, with storage maxing out during 128 GB.


The Surface 3 has a microSD slot, a singular USB 3 port, and a mini-DisplayPort adapter, only like a incomparable sibling. It also has front and back webcams. The biggest hardware disproportion is a three-position kickstand instead of a invariably non-static kickstand on a Surface Pro 3.

The boon for those changes is a scaled-down cost tag. It’s tough to make approach comparisons, nonetheless a Surface 3 starts during $499 (with 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of peep storage), since a entry-level Surface Pro 3 is $300 more. Both models assign additional for a Type Cover ($129). There’s also a pen, a clearly useful device that costs $49 additional with a Surface 3 nonetheless is enclosed in a box with a Pro 3.

Like a large brother, a Surface 3 is a full Windows PC. Microsoft’s examination with ARM-based processors and Windows RT strictly finished with a Surface 2. The Surface 3 is formed on an x86 processor and it runs Windows 8.1. The biggest hit opposite a Windows RT-powered Surface inclination is that they couldn’t run normal Windows apps. Microsoft wants to make it really transparent that’s not an emanate anymore, even touting iTunes harmony as an essential feature.


The Surface 3 also runs Google Chrome and Chrome apps, nonetheless you’re doubtful to see that fact highlighted in any Microsoft selling material.

Although they’re not accessible for pre-order yet, there will be LTE versions of a Surface 3, including an unbarred GSM version. The LTE models will be labelled $100 aloft than a Wi-Fi-only equivalents and will embody full GPS support.


This device is extremely some-more mobile than a Surface Pro 3, that is no slump in that department. Its distance and weight make it an easier fit in a tiny bag, and a preference to use micro-USB for charging means we can block it into any phone horse and tip adult a battery. The enclosed 13W horse will get quickest formula (and for those gripping score, that’s a third opposite energy connector for a Surface line). But we don’t need to worry about make-up it in a transport bag as prolonged as we have entrance to during slightest a 10W USB charger.

The Surface 3 is directed during would-be PC buyers for whom a Surface Pro 3 is too big, too expensive, or both. You can make a convincing comparison between this device and a iPad (which also starts during $499) and a entry-level MacBook Air (which starts during $899 in a pattern that’s homogeneous to a maxed out Surface 3 configuration, that costs about $780 with 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of peep storage, Type Cover, and pen). The disproportion is that a Surface 3 can play possibly role.

Whether it can pass a “just right” exam stays to be seen.

Article source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/a-first-look-at-microsofts-scaled-down-surface-3-now-with-full-windows/

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