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A new Deus Ex is entrance to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Square Enix has usually suggested Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a initial vital recover in a cyberpunk movement array given 2011′s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The news comes via a cover exhibit for a latest emanate of Game Informer.

The diversion is set dual years after Human Revolution, and will once again star Adam Jensen as a heading character. According to Game Informer, Mankind Divided will underline not usually new gameplay twists including new augmentations to play around with, yet also a some-more open-ended structure to give we some-more leisure to solve challenges. Aside from that, small has been announced so far. The diversion is entrance to a Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, yet no recover date has been announced.

Deus Ex Game Informer cover

Publisher Square Enix had apparently designed to creatively announce a diversion by a lengthy, elaborate “interactive reveal” — that enclosed an hours-long Twitch tide of a male pacing in a dungeon — but a trickle from a Russian website appears to have marred those plans. The debate had kicked off yesterday, and enclosed a array of mysterious clues, headlined by the ongoing Twitch stream, where viewers could make choices to change how a illusory inquire would play out. All finished underneath a ensign #cantkillprogress, a teaser debate also included brief videos on Instagram and presumably even a LinkedIn pageWhen a debate initial kicked off, Square Enix pronounced usually that a diversion was a subsequent large recover from “one of a Western studios.”

Deus Ex Universe / Dawn Engine

While this is a initial central proclamation of a game, we’ve famous a new Deus Ex was in a works for some time. Late final year developer Eidos Montreal teased what a subsequent entrance in a array could demeanour like, when it announced a new diversion engine called Dawn Engine.

“The Dawn Engine will form a cornerstone for all Deus Ex Universe projects during Eidos Montreal,” a studio explained during a time, adding that “Deus Ex Universe is a name we are giving to a illusory universe and a abounding science we are formulating for it, that will of march embody core games, as good as any other projects that will assistance move a universe of Deus Ex to life.”

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