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A-Rod, Yankees timid numbers, a timorous strike zone: What do we consider …

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Syracuse, N.Y. — The New York Yankees, never ones to run from a intensity title in a city with 3 newspapers and dual behind pages, have been during it again. And we’re still 7 weeks private from Opening Day.

Alex Rodriguez, maybe a game’s many distinguished liar, is ostensible to transparent his throat during some kind of media bacchanal as early as this week … and if/when he does, a consternation will be if a singular attending dope will trust any of what a tarnished male will say.

Beyond that, a Yanks, with tickets to sell, have announced that they’ll play horde to not one and not to two, though to three uniform-number retirement ceremonies this deteriorate — 51 (Bernie Williams, May 24), 20 (Jorge Posada, Aug. 22) and 46 (Andy Pettitte, Aug. 23). This will move to 22 a sum of numbers taken out of dissemination by a Bombers (with Derek Jeter’s ordained “2″ subsequent in line) and to 1 a series of confessed cheaters to be so strictly respected in a Bronx (as Pettitte was an certified HGH guy).

But there is some-more to round than a Yankees, even if a Steinbrenner boys competence disagree. And justification of that was supposing by a new news that a game’s deciders competence cringe a strike section commencement in a 2016 season.

For those who wish to artificially soup adult round (again), this intensity growth is manna from heaven; for those who consider bad hitters with bad approaches shouldn’t be rewarded for being unhandy and/or stupid, it amounts to a betrayal.

Because that is a either/or of a situation, Rob Manfred — a new commissioner out of Rome, Le Moyne College and Cornell University who’s been on a pursuit for 24 days as a inheritor to Bud Selig — has some strength to press.

Strikeouts are during an all-time high for a few reasons, arch among them a contemptible round enlightenment in that there is no contrition in ambling behind to a cave though carrying put a round in play. Meanwhile, defensive shifts are all a fury since managers are finally responding to a unwillingness and shoal ability sets of a players, who are possibly too self-willed or too challenged to indeed strike a round a other way.

The outcome has been abating offense in a competition being played in a time of (a) ever-eroding courtesy spans, and (b) some-more devotion to Grand Theft Auto than to idle fly balls. And that means difficulty — so much, in fact, that Manfred competence brave to askance all those numbers in all those books by similar to all though place a round on a tee for a hack-happy batters.

“Here, fellas,” he competence contend to all those whiffers out there, “let me make this easier for you. Let me put we on steroids without, we know, indeed putting we on steroids. And if that doesn’t work, maybe we’ll give we an additional strike. Or make pitchers wear eye patches.”

And only like that, who knows? Perhaps Giancarlo Stanton would turn a Babe Ruth.

The Yankees would certainly wish a cut of that.

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