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A Stroke Can’t Stop Us: Travels With My Disabled Mother

A Stroke Can't Stop Us: Travels With My Disabled Mother

A #TravelSelfie of a author and her mom on a road. (Photo: Erica Bray)

My mom got her initial pass during a age of 53, one year after she suffered a cadence that nude her of debate and left her with enervated mobility. Most people in her conditions competence not have been speedy to travel, yet even yet she wasn’t able to transparent it into words, it was transparent to me that she harbored a newfound oddity to explore. As her globetrotting daughter, we speedy it with vigor, even if we did so with some perplexity about either it was “appropriate.” 

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I requisitioned us a outing to Paris. It was her initial outing overseas. Ever.


Mom and daughter’s initial outing to Europe. (Photo: Erica Bray)

Fast-forward to today: We’ve given trafficked together to London, taken a highway outing by a Carolinas, and cruised on a Danube River to revisit Europe’s Christmas markets. Who knows where we’ll go next?

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These journeys with my mom have positively brought us closer. But what wows me is how transport has remade this one-time homebody into a childlike partner of life, expected in partial since she came so tighten to losing her life during 52. 

As a daughter roving with a infirm parent, however, we am always nervous. Traveling with her anywhere, only a dual of us, can be daunting. My mom is an easy aim for those with antagonistic motives. we am her 24/7 translator, interpreter, caretaker, and attached-at-the-hip chaperone. 

This can be an burdensome mother-daughter purpose reversal, especially since she still wants to play a purpose of mom and is so lovably stubborn. Still, I’ve schooled so most by a routine of roving with her. Including a fact that disabilities needn’t reason anyone behind from indulging in a small wanderlust. 


Traveling has unequivocally brought mom and daughter closer together. (Photo: Erica Bray)

Here are some tips for pity an journey with a infirm (non-wheelchair-bound) traveler, formed on roving with my mom post-stroke.

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Slow Down

With my mother, we can't transport during my common quick pace. We knowledge one or dual attractions per day, with a imperative rest or snooze any afternoon. Taking a time and not perplexing to squeeze so most into a day has authorised us to season transport memories that differently competence be a blur. It’s a pleasing sign of since any vacation is improved when not rushed.

Build in Buffer Time

I supplement during slightest one hour to “normal” transport times during airports, sight stations, etc., since navigating crowds and lines with my infirm mom (and all of a luggage) final it.

Avoid Connecting Flights

This saves us a highlight of potentially hastily from one depot to another, especially since my mom can't “dash.”

Consider Cruises

Cruises are good for people with mobility challenges. A boat is a floating hotel that strings together mixed destinations, and continuation is unequivocally relegated to how active we wish to be once in port. For instance, a Christmas marketplace journey we took with Viking River Cruises catered to my mom beautifully. The boat had an elevator, and pier city tours had a “slower paced” organisation option, that my mom and we always joined.


Stumped for something to do? A journey is a good option. (Photo: Erica Bray)

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Avoid Group Walking Tours

Most organisation walking tours can be a challenge, as my mom has a tough time gripping up. When we assimilated a Jack a Ripper walking debate while in London, a beam singled out my mom for negligence a organisation down. After degrading him for picking on a cadence survivor, we also famous that he had a pursuit to do. Since that episode, we’ve requisitioned private walking tours of sites and cities, or opted for DIY tours with a assistance of a map (as private tours can get pricey). This allows us to see things during our pace, progressing special courtesy to my mom’s needs though adding any “inconvenience” to others’ vacations.

Ride a Bus

Roaming a city for miles and miles is a passion of cave yet would be painfully burdensome for my mom. So we mostly bound on a sight to get around. Whether it’s a open sight or a hop-on-hop-off traveller bus, we suffer examination a perspective and landmarks pass by. 


London’s Hop On—Hop Off tours were ideal. (Photo: Erica Bray)

Locate a Elevators

My mom needs to equivocate climbing stairs. When prebooking hotels and exploring landmarks and city subways, we proactively ask about elevators. And when a open conveyor isn’t available, we ask about a burden elevator.   

Medical Note and Safety Numbers

We keep a special note in my mom’s transport tote that explains her condition of aphasia (a detriment of speech, not of intellect) — only in box she gets asked — as good as a list of family write numbers.

Make Friends With a Concierge

Hotel concierges are a good apparatus for places and ways to best accommodate my mom. we always deliver us during check-in and ask them to “keep an eye” on her. Most of a time, they go out of their approach to help. One endangered concierge in Munich even escorted us to a sight hire down a street, even rolling a luggage.

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Monitor Meals and Medication

I make certain we always have a breakfast to start a day, and lunch and cooking — even when she insists that she’s not hungry. The sit-down dishes give us an event to rest and refuel, that is something we don’t always do when roving on my own.

Keep Her Involved

I always move a transport beam with pictures. This way, if there is something that my mom unequivocally wants to do or see, she can flip to a page with a suitable photograph. It saves her a disappointment that comes with perplexing to verbally promulgate her desires.

Pay Attention, 24/7

I have to remember that these vacations are not only about me. It’s our vacation, with my mom’s reserve in my hands. we scarcely mislaid my mom while visiting a marketplace in Vienna since of a relapse in responsibility. we had incited divided for a few minutes, and she got mislaid in a crowd. For a hour or so that she was lost, we felt like a world’s misfortune daughter. We eventually reunited with a assistance of Austrian police, yet it was a frightful sign to keep her in perspective during all times.

Be Patient

When hurdles and frustrations arise on a road, springing from my mother’s stubbornness, slowness, or inability to voice what she wants, we need to accumulate as most calm and consolation as is stockpiled for a day and remember what’s during stake: changed memories. When we consider about what it was like to roughly remove her to a stroke, it creates a stupid transport hiccups laughable.


The memories are always value a combined stress. (Photo: Erica Bray)

Here are some additional resources to assistance devise transport with someone requiring additional attention:

U.S. Department of State: Advice, resources, and tips for travelers with disabilities.

Society for Accessible Travel Hospitality (SATH): Provides a database of companies and resources to support people with disabilities in all facets of travel.

Mobility International USA: The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE) offers information for infirm travelers looking to study, teach, or proffer abroad.

DisabledTravelers.com: A apparatus of permitted transport information.

Flying with Disability: Advice on how to make drifting with a incapacity easier.

Emerging Horizons: Travel information for wheelchair users and delayed walkers.

TripAdvisor: Consult other travelers with specific questions regulating a online QA forums.

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA): Search for transport agents who specialize in incapacity and permitted travel.

Accessible Europe: Tours opposite Europe, Asia, and Africa that support to travelers with special needs.

Accessible Journeys: Vacation planner for wheelchair travelers, their families, and their friends.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA): If we consider you’ve been discriminated opposite (such as not being authorised on a U.S. debate company’s outing to Europe since of a disability), call (800) 514-0301 or revisit a ADA website.

Erica Bray is a digital calm strategist, writer, and yoga clergyman formed in Chicago. Her mom is still determining where she wants to go next: Alaska, Portugal, Russia, or Norway. Stay tuned.

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