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Adele’s "Hello" Music Video Beats Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" For Most-Viewed …

Adele emotions GIF
Adele emotions GIF

Say “Hello” to Adele and goodbye to Taylor Swift .

Adele’s code new song video for her initial singular in years, “Hello,” debuted Friday to soap-box reviews and ascent views—so many, in fact, that it surmounted Swift’s record-breaking song video “Bad Blood” for many views in a initial 24 hours. Adele might have taken a interregnum from violation cocktail records, though this new news indicates a 27-year-old Grammy leader hasn’t mislaid her midas touch. 

While a supermodel-minted “Bad Blood” coming during a whopping 20.1 million views in a initial 24 hours, a British mum’s sepia ballad (featuring 90210s Dixon Wilson Tristan Wilds) bumped it aside with a viral 27.7 million views and counting in a initial day alone.

While Swift debuted her 4 notation mini film during a start of a 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Adele opted for a reduction star-studded British occasion—a 30-second teaser shave that aired during a blurb mangle for a UK’s X Factor. Still, it did a trick, revving adult expectation that exploded early a following Friday morning. 

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Bad Blood v Feeling Myself

Kate Hudson and Katy Perry were only a few names on a long list of A-list celebrities vehemence about a initial singular off Adele’s stirring third studio album. For those hearts that have not already been prisoner by a romantic ballad, Adele might be means to lean them with a low-pitched coming on SNL hosted by Matthew McConaughey in late November— her initial stairs behind in Studio 8H since her SNL debut in 2008 with her strike lane “Chasing Pavements” off her initial album, 19. 

The live delivery did wonders for her career 7 years ago, moving her entrance album to a iTunes tip mark a following day. Could this be indication of what’s in store for 25, which is set for recover on Nov. 20? While a opening will positively stimulate a viral response, we only can’t wait to see that lane she opts to belt out for her initial worldwide assembly in years. 

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