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Aereo Assets Raise $2 Million during Auction, TiVo Gets a Trademark

Mark another unhappy section in a decrease of Aereo, a once-promising startup that let subscribers tide over-the-air promote TV programming and record shows to a cloud DVR. Aereo’s failure auction of resources pulled in a insignificant $2 million, distant reduction than a $4 million to $31.2 million a association was counting on to compensate creditors.

TiVo got in on a glow sale, shopping a Aereo heading and business list. RPX, a patent-risk government organisation that Giga Om calls a obvious troll, picked adult Aereo’s portfolio of patents. Also, Alliance Technology, an information record firm, picked adult some equipment.

Aereo had lifted $95.6 million in try collateral funding, and it’s now transparent those investors won’t be removing their income back.

Aereo’s debtor’s counsel, William Baldiga, expelled a matter saying, “We are really unhappy with a formula of a auction. This has been a really formidable sales routine and a formula simulate that.”

Following a Supreme Court preference in Jun 2014 that ruled opposite a company, Aereo filed for Chapter 11 failure in Nov and laid off a infancy of a staff in December.

Giga Om quoted an unnamed source observant that Aereo still has other resources and is looking for other opportunities. 


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