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After unsatisfactory season, expectations vacillate for Xander Bogaerts

BOSTON — Pitchers and catchers will news to JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida on Feb. 20 to start what a Red Sox wish will be a bounceback deteriorate from 2014′s disappointment. Boston spent many of this offseason revamping a register to contend again immediately this deteriorate in an AL East as open as ever. Over a subsequent several days, we’ll take a demeanour during where that register stands both during a big-league turn and into a teenager leagues. Where are a Red Sox strong, where do they need assistance and what does a destiny hold?

Last deteriorate was ostensible to finish a years-long hunt for a long-term answer during shortstop for a Red Sox. The group upheld on re-signing Stephen Drew in a winter and handed a pursuit to a venerable Xander Bogaerts, one of a game’s really best prospects and one of a 2013 championship team’s many critical postseason contributors.

What’s it they contend about best-laid plans? After a stimulating initial dual months, Bogaerts was about as bad as any major-league unchanging for a subsequent 3 — a duration that for a many partial overlapped with Drew’s return. Unlike associate struggling rookie Jackie Bradley, Jr., Bogaerts was never sent down, and he recovered a bit in a month of September. The pursuit is still undoubtedly his, nonetheless a expectations have come down a peg.

Xander Bogaerts, pre-arbitration
Brock Holt, pre-arbitration

On Jun 4, following back-to-back two-hit, one-homer days, Bogaerts was attack .304 with a .395 on-base commission and 5 home runs. Over a subsequent 62 games heading adult to a late-August army on a concussion infirm list, Bogaerts batted .149 with a .195 on-base commission and 3 home runs. He worked via a deteriorate with group in scoring position, stability an peculiar trend from a top minors. Although Bogaerts’ invulnerability usually softened after returning to brief in August, it’s still next average, and his bat will be a source of his value.

So what to design of a 22-year-old in 2015? The many concerning aspect of Bogaerts’ deteriorate was substantially a retrogression in his patience, that had been a debility progressing in a minors: After improving his eye to travel softened than 10 percent of a time during any of 3 levels in 2013, Bogaerts forsaken behind to a 6.6 percent travel rate final year. The normal should rebound behind up, and a energy will continue to come, nonetheless for Bogaerts to rise into a chosen descent force Boston was once formulation on, he’ll need to be as studious during a image as a large bar was with him final season.

Holt finished himself into a super-utility actor with his incursion into a outfield final season, nonetheless he’s expected to spend some-more time this year behind in his healthy infield spots.

Deven Marrero, 24

Marrero quickly became a prohibited name on a trade marketplace after a clever arrangement in a Arizona Fall League, nonetheless he’ll start this deteriorate where he finished last, as a starting shortstop in Pawtucket. The glove is scarcely over scolding during this point; while lacking a peep of a Jose Iglesias, his operation is only about as good. The bat is a opposite story. A 50-game representation in Pawtucket undid a good feelings rising from an glorious initial half in Portland, once again lifting concerns that Marrero is, well, a second entrance of Iglesias. Hope springs on a approach he softened in a second, some-more extended demeanour during Double-A pitching final season. If that settlement binds during Triple-A, he’s a legit choice to start in 2016, even if it’s not in Boston.

Javier Guerra, 19

A 2012 general signee out of Panama, Guerra has shown in dual years of short-season round and defense, a ability to get on bottom and an surprising volume of energy for someone of his distance and position. Now, he hasn’t finished that all during a same time. He walked scarcely as many as he struck out in 2013 while not coming that balance this past season. He compensated for that, though, with a slugging commission of larger than .400 — a monument among any shortstops, let alone those that arrangement his defensive acumen. He’s 19, of course, and years down a road. But this should be his initial year of full-season ball, and one that bears monitoring.

Jemile Weeks
Jeff Bianchi

If Bogaerts hits a infirm list and Marrero isn’t nonetheless ready, a Red Sox could block Holt into brief and move adult Weeks or Bianchi as a application man. Weeks can play all over a margin and has consistently posted plain descent numbers in Triple-A; they only haven’t consistently translated to a majors. Minor-league giveaway representative Bianchi is a superb defender during mixed infield spots nonetheless has never strike adequate to be projected as many some-more than a application type.

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