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Age of Consent: Charting a Longevity of Automotive Nameplates

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE400 4MATIC

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE400 4MATIC

Last year was a finish of a line for a Mercedes-Benz M-class. There’s no some-more GLK, either. Soon, a GL and a SLK will further disappear. Oh, a vehicles will still be around, though a badges are changing as Mercedes overhauls a fixing convention. G-wagen aside, a SUVs are now GLs, keyed by distance to a core C-, E-, and S-classes: The GLK is a GLC, a M is a GLE, and a GL will shortly be a GLS. The SLK will turn a SLC. Cadillac is about to make a identical change, and many in a bureau still use Infiniti’s aged names. “QX70? That’s a FX, right?”

But automakers risk forfeiting particular models’ code equity in such scorched-earth renaming schemes. We tallied a age of each indication on a marketplace currently to see who’s sticking to a oldest names. Also to establish if value correlates to senility and a recognizability that comes with it. In many cases, it seems, there’s a reward compared with an old-money moniker.

Our Own Arbitrary Rules

Car names are mostly in use abroad before to their attainment in a U.S. Nissan’s GT-R is one such example. But while a name organisation of nerds—usually including us—might be wakeful of a car’s existence abroad, we antiquated names to their entrance on a shores and, to keep things simple, abandoned any gaps in availability. In cases where a name initial seemed as a trim turn or option—such as Renegade, creatively an choice package on a Jeep CJ—we counted from a year it initial seemed as a graphic model.

Age of Consent: Charting a Longevity of Automotive Nameplates

Age Distribution of Nameplates

›› Sierra initial seemed in GMC’s wording as a Sierra Grande choice package in 1972. By 1975, a bottom GMC pickup trim was a Sierra, with a Sierra Grande above that. Sierra was strictly famous as a full indication name in 1988.

›› Ford’s initial Mustangs are ordinarily referred to as model-year “1964 1/2,” though check a VIN (or a pretension or any other central record of a car). The initial Mustangs are all strictly 1965 models.

›› Years before a Odyssey and Pilot were boring Honda family haulers, they were violent off-road go-karts. The Odyssey done a entrance in 1977 with a 250-cc two-stroke, upgraded to 350 cc in 1985, and was succeeded by a 400-cc Pilot in 1989. The Odyssey became a minivan for 1995 and a Pilot a crossover for 2003.

›› The sixth-gen Toyota Corolla (1987–1992) was famous internally as a E90, preceding a E90 BMW 3-series (2006–2013) by about a decade.

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