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Air transport is low-risk for Ebola transmission

Note for a media

The World Health Organization (WHO) currently reiterated a position that a risk of delivery of Ebola pathogen illness during atmosphere ride stays low.

“Unlike infections such as influenza or tuberculosis, Ebola is not airborne,” says Dr Isabelle Nuttall, Director of WHO Global Capacity Alert and Response. “It can usually be transmitted by approach hit with a physique fluids of a chairman who is ill with a disease.”

On a tiny possibility that someone on a craft is ill with Ebola, a odds of other passengers and organisation carrying hit with their physique fluids is even smaller. Usually when someone is ill with Ebola, they are so indisposed that they can't travel. WHO is therefore advising opposite ride bans to and from influenced countries.

“Because a risk of Ebola delivery on airplanes is so low, WHO does not cruise atmosphere ride hubs during high risk for serve widespread of Ebola,” says Dr Nuttall.

In early August, after a assembly of a Ebola Emergency Committee underneath a International Health Regulations, WHO supposing recommendation to countries to assistance enclose a stream Ebola conflict and forestall it from swelling further. The superintendence recommended:

  • no anathema on general ride or trade;
  • that countries be prepared to detect, investigate, and conduct Ebola cases; including entrance to a competent evidence laboratory for Ebola pathogen and, where appropriate, a ability to brand and caring for travellers imagining from famous Ebola-infected areas who arrive during general airports or vital land channel points with unexplained heat and other symptoms.

Worldwide, countries should yield their adults roving to Ebola-affected countries with accurate and applicable information on a Ebola conflict and measures to revoke a risk of exposure.

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Article source: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/notes/2014/ebola-travel/en/

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