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Alabama invulnerability angry by Leonard Fournette talk, could see LSU star’s …

They listened a talk.

Most answered a questions.

By Saturday night, a Alabama invulnerability was sleepy of it. The dual weeks of Leonard Fournette speak became a 60-minute statement. The Heisman front-runner managed only 31 yards on 19 carries ― good brief of a 193.1-yard normal he had before Saturday.

And Alabama won, 30-16. It was quite satisfying, too. 

“The guys in a locker room were like ‘Man, I’m sleepy of conference about this guy,’” pronounced Alabama center linebacker Reggie Ragland. “We have to go out there and do something. He’s a heck of a player. He attempted to make a play during a end. He scored, though before that, guys were removing adult to him. He’s a heck of a actor like we pronounced and it’s tough to stop a man like that. I’m blissful we have a guys that we have in a locker room and they hold it to theirselves. We’re not going to let him do this.”

Ragland didn’t need prolonged to see where this diversion was headed. After 3 or 4 drives, he knew a devise was working.

Frustration from Fournette began to show.

“Yeah, since routinely he gets his approach out there,” Ragland said. “And we didn’t let him get his way. The guys adult front were distinguished him. Guys using to a ball. All week, we pronounced if we were using to a ball, hang him adult and only peppers him and make him frustrated, we have a good shot.”

By a fourth quarter, Fournette’s carries (15) outnumbered his sum yards (13). He some-more than doubled that series with an 18-yard run to set adult his one-yard thrust for LSU’s final touchdown.

Linebacker Dillon Lee, owners of a game-shifting interception, could see some disappointment in a locker room entering a game.

“I mean, sorta,” he said. “So most of his diversion is using a round and a biggest importance on invulnerability is interlude a run and make teams one-dimensional and make them chuck it opposite us. When people call out what we cruise ourselves best at, everybody wants to make a statement.”

It did.

Ragland knew things were going good flattering quickly.

“All a guys were removing to him and he wasn’t unequivocally creation no sound out there,” Ragland said. “I’m only unapproachable of a large guys adult front. They did their job. They struck blockers and a guys in a behind came down and did a heck of a pursuit interlude him.”

This adversary is always a earthy evening. This one was generally severe deliberation Fournette’s 6-1 frame.

“He’s a monster,” Ragland said. “You have to strike him. He has a complicated low half and he’s large on top. You’ve got to strike him genuine hard. Geno (Matias-Smith) done some good tackles on him. Marlon (Humphrey), a spare dilemma we’ve got, came adult and strike him a integrate of times. Guys were using to a round and strike him and we did a good job.”

Article source: http://www.al.com/alabamafootball/index.ssf/2015/11/alabama_defense_grew_tired_of.html

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