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All Signs Point to Tiger Woods Playing Masters, though Is He Really Ready to Win?

Only Tiger Woods knows for certain if he’s prepared to conquer another Masters. The rest of us are usually left to guess. More than guess. We can anticipate. He didn’t spend all these weeks operative on his game, didn’t fly to Augusta to get in a reputed use turn for nothing.

He’s finished all he could to attend in a Masters. If he’s physically ready—and he appears to be utterly healthy and eagerif he’s transient a awful yips that cheerless him during Phoenix, during San Diego, condemned by a brief diversion that was embarrassingly poor, who knows what’s in store?

It’s been an painful few months for Woods given he was carted off Torrey Pines on February 6, 12 holes into a Farmers Insurance Open. His behind had stiffened in a cold zephyr off a Pacific—in Tiger talk, his “glutes are shutting off,” as he told Ron Kaspriske of Golf Digest—and he withdrew. And after a missed cut a week progressing in Arizona, we were wondering where it all would lead.

Ultimately, it led behind to his home bottom in Florida, where, behind privacy that would have finished a aged Kremlin executives proud, Woods has worked on his game, has competed opposite himself and others, and according to several reports, around Kyle Porter of CBS Sports, looked like a Woods we knew, sharpened a 66, putting beautifully.

It’s not a Masters, not even a teenager joining Web.com Tour. It’s usually rounds on his home course, Medalist Golf Club; a usually vigour benefaction is a inner vigour to get behind to what he used to be—or during slightest a reasonable facsimile.

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There’s been a “will he or won’t he” cloud hovering over all Woods has done. What if he plays and shoots in a 80s? What if Woods doesn’t play; is that revelation defeat? It’s been a formidable 12 months for Woods. Remember, we were asking a same question—would he play in a Masters—a year ago. The emanate afterwards was essentially physical—the behind pain that months after forced him to bear surgery.

Woods didn’t play in 2014, blank his initial Masters given branch pro in 1996 and blank a initial vital of a year—the same one where in 1997 he announced his mass with a record-smashing victory, a same contest he’s won 4 times.

In his head, Woods can substantially hear a difference of his late father, Earl.

“Let a fable grow,” Earl Woods told his dependent of a son. And so Tiger, with his 14 vital championships, his 79 debate victories, second usually to a late Sam Snead, has finished accurately that.

Until recently.

His final major, a 2008 U.S. Open during Torreyand deliberation what happened there dual months ago, a word “irony” would be appropriateis 7 years in a distance. He is 39—an aged 39 a critics contend— and a existence is if we don’t enter, we can’t win.

Bubba Watson, a fortifying champion, pronounced Tuesday on CBS This Morning (via Emily Kay of SB Nation) if he were to bet, he’d peril Woods will play. All we’ve listened from Woods (or rather review on his website or listened from his agent, Mark Steinberg) was he didn’t feel he could go in a Arnold Palmer Invitational, an eventuality he’d won countless times.

Already, with conjecture Woods will enter a Masters—unlike a normal debate event, he could wait until a initial turn to make a decision—individuals have been holding shots during him, essay he has no possibility to win. And he substantially doesn‘t, after not personification for so prolonged and unwell to make a cut in a final dual tournaments he entered.

Tiger Woods Masters Results Since Last Win in 2005

Did Not Compete


Still, that’s beside a point. And Woods has shown us before what is possible, entrance behind in formidable situations. He took weeks off in 2013 and afterwards won on his lapse to Torrey Pines. And after being absent for months since of his passionate dalliances and rehab, he detonate behind with a fourth-place finish in a 2010 Masters.

Woods has forsaken out of a top 100 of a universe ranking, though that is some-more a thoughtfulness of his loitering than his inability. It’s unfit to acquire points if you’re not playing, so that guideline is to be ignored.

More critical than anything, Woods needs to recover his confidence. He’s operative with his third pitch instructor in a final few years, nonetheless he calls Chris Como, who transposed Sean Foley, who transposed Hank Haney, a consultant.

A golfer can’t be out there thinking, “Let’s see, do we pitch this approach or that way?” 

The usually approach Woods will infer to himself and to a universe of golf he is a stubborn aspirant who had fans shouting, “You da man,” is to get out there and play. Which roughly positively he will do in a 2015 Masters, no matter a results. 

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