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Amazing! Apple wins a smartwatch wars but ever shipping a device!


That is a usually takeaway from today’s heartless disposition attack opposite Android Wear. Canalys reports half-year 2014 shipments of 720,000, and a Apple-loving giveaway press categorizes a series as a failure. Meanwhile, a researcher organisation boasts that “All eyes are now on Apple, that will exhibit serve sum about a Apple Watch before to a recover in April”. Not mine. Are yours?

Over during Wall Street Journal, Rolfe Winkler starts his hatchet piece with: “It’s been a slow start for Google’s smartwatches”. The hunt and information hulk doesn’t sell any of a devices, building a underlying platform. Nitpicking aside, he ridiculously writes: “Apple sole roughly 114 million iPhones over a same period. That means Apple sole roughly as many iPhones any day as makers of Android smartwaches sole over a 6 months”. Oh yeah?

Apples to Coffee

According to Starbucks, 60 million people revisit a stores each week. Assuming that only 40 million buy coffee, afterwards a association sells some-more cups of Joe in 3 weeks than Apple sole iPhones during a prior 6 months. There we go! Case closed! iPhone is a failure. You can dog disastrous in comments, though a magnitude of coffee to iPhones creates about as many clarity as comparison to smartwatches. They are utterly opposite categories.

What would make a bit some-more clarity is Android Wear to iPhone during summer 2007, when a device was, like Google-powered smartwatches in 2014, a new category. By that reckoning, a strange iPhone reached 1 million units in about 74 days. If that’s your magnitude of failure, satisfactory enough. But cruise this: Canalys claims Moto 360 is a Android Wear marketplace share leader, though a smartwatch’s sales started in early September, offered out roughly immediately.

Winkler quotes Canalys researcher Daniel Matte: “Android Wear is not unequivocally good”, afterwards paraphrases about bad battery life. That’s a category-wide problem, by a way, nonetheless in his press matter Matte claims: “Apple done a right decisions with a WatchKit program growth pack to maximize battery life for a platform, and a Apple Watch will offer heading appetite efficiency”. Based on what disclosed facts? If as widely rumored, approaching assign lasts as many as 19 hours. Consider this: Gizmodo published a examination of Sony’s newest Android Wear today, anticipating that a “SmartWatch 3 customarily nets over 48 hours”. Forty-eight is reduction than 19 in what universe?

I know. we know. You competence feel a small uneasy comparing smartwatch to smartwatch and indeed deliberating a form for which Canalys reports shipments. But, hey, not all in life is about Apple or compares to iPhone.

Something else to ponder: Categorization. Canalys’ numbers make Android Wear inclination demeanour reduction than they unequivocally are. That 720,000 is from a pool of 4.5 million. Except—and someone scold me, if we am mistaken—Canalys lumps together timepieces and aptness gadgets, job a difficulty “smart wearable bands”. Or did we skip something, and a 1 million Xiaomi Mi Bands shipped tell time and run intelligent apps? Combining dual marginally-related device categories gives Android Wear about 16 percent marketplace share, formulating even some-more disastrous perceptions about a success—or clearly miss of it.

Apple’s Bitches

Now, it’s a small astray to singular out WSJ, so who else swung a hatchet in a many insane manner?

That final story is glorious segue to a thought that, formed on Canalys’ display of a information and media-bias giving a fruit-logo association millions of dollars in giveaway publicity, that Apple’s watch wins a smartwatch wars though ever shipping. It’s only too fraking strange for my sensibilities, given there’s hypothesis Apple Watch will be improved formed on zero some-more than conjuncture, while misrepresenting a success of a early-to-market leaders—and a organisation is many incomparable than Android Wear devices; Pebble, anyone?

Common clarity news stating competence wane, though it’s not gone. Take a demeanour during Andrew Cunningham’s ArsTechnica headline: “Android Wear sales: Bad compared to phones, OK compared to other watches“. He writes: “These numbers are decidedly unimpressive when deliberate subsequent to smartphone sales numbers…but by smartwatch standards, a Wear ecosystem is collectively doing OK”. That’s utterly a bit improved than bad.

Common Sense

Journalist counterpart Kevin Toffel’s Google+ post brought this sum news stating mind-frak to my attention. He writes:

Bit ridiculous to review new iPhone sales—a marketplace that’s been around for 8 years now—to a initial 6 months of Android Wear sales. we competence have taken a essay severely had that not happened. Folks: Smartwatches are accessories. Not everybody wants or needs them. In fact, I’m not certain we’ve motionless what an optimal smartwatch should even do.

He positively is right. So what? If Apple Watch sells 1 million units in, say, 24 hours, will fruit-logo crusaders call that a success by comparing to Android Wear while ignoring a iPhone matchup? You can’t have it both ways; if a Google height underperforms compared to iPhone than so contingency Apple Watch if a numbers are any reduction than a handset.

So there we go. Maybe Apple Watch is a crook instead. Because a Wall Street Journal and many other blogs and news sites have set a magnitude of success as 6 months of iPhone sales.

Article source: http://betanews.com/2015/02/11/amazing-apple-wins-the-smartwatch-wars-without-ever-shipping-a-device/

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