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American Airline Attendants Reject New Contract (AAL)

Flight attendants employed by American Airlines Group have voted to reject a new agreement offering to them by a company. The five-year agreement was narrowly defeated, according to a Association of Professional Flight Attendants. American Airlines recently joined with US Airways to emanate American Airlines Group, while still handling as dual mostly apart carriers. The terms of a new agreement for American and US Airways moody attendants will now be motionless by an arbitrator.

The joined airline employs scarcely 24,000 moody attendants. More than 16,000 moody attendants voted on a contract, that mislaid by only 16 votes. Among those voting, some-more support was given to a new agreement from US Airways attendants than American Airline attendants. The American Airline attendants deserted a agreement during a rate of 52.2 percent. The deal-breaking component of a agreement for many moody attendants was an finish to profit-sharing payments.

The terms of a agreement imposed by contracting settlement is compulsory to offer income and advantages packages during a same turn as a normal of allied employees during Delta, United, and Continental. Four years after a merger, United has nonetheless to strech a singular agreement agreement with a moody attendants. That normal is distributed to be about $111 million per year, according to total expelled by APFA. This is scarcely $82 million reduction than what would have been perceived if a new agreement had been approved.

A orator for American settled that a association was unhappy in a formula of a opinion and that a terms of a agreement enclosed industry-leading compensate and advantages and most improved work manners than a moody attendants will accept from a agreement dynamic by arbitration. During arbitration, it is expected that a length of a new agreement will be underneath review. The kinship will wish a agreement to cover a brief term, giving a members a possibility to opinion on a new agreement in a nearby destiny instead of locking in a terms of agreement dynamic by settlement for a poignant time period.

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