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American Politics Is Fueled by Ignorance and Hatred

Catherine Rampell worries that Lake Wobegon-ness is wrecking America:

To an roughly diverting degree, Americans consistently evaluated their possess personal lives and relations as higher-quality than those of Americans command large.

When married respondents were asked possibly they believed their possess matrimony had gotten improved or worse over a prior dual years, 43 percent pronounced stronger, 49 percent pronounced about a same and customarily 6 percent pronounced weaker.

But when those same people were asked about U.S. marriages generally, a responses flipped: Just 5 percent pronounced they generally were removing stronger, 40 percent pronounced about a same and 43 percent pronounced weaker.

We see this all over a place, of course. Schools are terrible, though my internal propagandize is flattering good. Congress is hopelessly corrupt, though my deputy is great. Rampell, however, thinks this is a widespread phenomenon, and it’s obliged for a dysfunction of a domestic system:

In a republic that has turn not customarily polarized, though also atomized; in that we base unwaveringly for a possess domestic “teams” stoical of those who look, think, opinion and lift children accurately as we do; and in that we provide hostile viewpoints as encouraged by malice or irrationality rather than honest disagreement, maybe it is not so startling that so many Americans have come down with a critical box of tyrant envy, a yearning for a domestic strongman (such as, say, Donald Trump) who will put a neighbors in their place and dress a pluralistic niceties and nonsense of democracy.

I theory it was unavoidable that this square would somehow finish with Donald Trump, given he’s a ultimate poser to my clan of hypereducated lefties. Still, Rampell’s indicate stands though him: if America’s dual vital tribes cruise a other clan is not merely wrong, though dangerous and implicitly degenerate, democracy gets a lot harder. After all, a underlying exigency of democracy isn’t elections, it’s a pacific send of power. But that customarily happens if both sides cruise a other essentially legitimate and conjunction side fears drop when a other side governs. If we cruise that Republicans are perplexing to indenture women’s bodies or that Democrats are personally in joining with Islamic jihadists, that pacific send of energy gets harder and harder.

We’re nowhere nearby to losing it, and a domestic polarization we feel currently isn’t singular in American history. Unfortunately, complicated media, both normal and social, amplifies this polarization. If we watch Fox and MSNBC, you’d hardly commend that they were stating about a same country. we come opposite this frequently myself when we hear about some new regressive censure and find myself totally befuddled. What is that all about? A bit of googling customarily provides an answer, and by a time it hits a blog it sounds like I’ve famous about it all along. But mostly we haven’t. It’s been reported widely in B-list regressive outlets, though I’m flattering preoccupied to those. Conservatives, however, have been removing increasingly riled adult about it for months or years.

I’m maybe not as disturbed about this as Rampell. Still, it’s disconcerting to know that there are so many people in both tribes who consort only within their possess clan and fundamentally cruise of those outward it as possibly diverting or dangerous. It might not be a rain of a nation, though it’s flattering unhealthy.

Article source: http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2015/12/american-politics-fueled-ignorance-and-hatred

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