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And a Winner of ‘SYTYCD’ Season 12 Is…

Well, it took a dozen seasons, and it happened in what only competence be So You Think You Can Dance’s final season. But Nigel Lythgoe during prolonged final got his wish. Finally, a tapper, 19-year-old Team Stage competitor Gaby Diaz, won a pretension of “America’s Favorite Dancer” on Monday night’s grand finale. (She also won $250,000. She can buy a lot of daub boots with that kind of money.)

Making a heroic immature daub dancer’s feat even some-more sequential was a fact that she roughly didn’t make it onto SYTYCD during all this year. Gaby primarily attempted out in Dallas, though while a judges saw her tender talent, they weren’t wholly tender by her fussy, manic choreography. However, she refused to accept better and returned to give it another go during a Detroit auditions, seeing a judges’ critiques and retooling her solo to be reduction “busy.” The second time was a charm, and from that indicate on, Gaby was a frontrunner.

And this week, her imagination footwork (in all from daub to Bollywood) led her all a approach to a winner’s circle, as she kick out Team Street’s Jaja Vankova and Virgil Gadson (who placed second and third, respectively) and fourth-placer Hailee Payne of Team Stage.

Honestly, it was final week’s death-defying box routine, with all-star Zack Everhart, that substantially hermetic a understanding for Gaby, if she didn’t already have a foe all sealed up. This was truly a opening of a champion:

To applaud Gaby’s hard-won and sequential triumph, next in sequential sequence are a rest of her routines of SYTYCD Season 12. Cue music, enjoy… and hopefully this uncover will be renewed (Team Street captain Travis Wall only won a Best Choreography Emmy, so there’s hope) and a song will evidence adult again in Season 13.

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