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Android’s ‘Lollipop’ ascent is sweet

Android’s honeyed new “Lollipop” season brings confidence improvements and easier ways to perspective and respond to notifications. The new Google program for mobile inclination even lets we lend out your phone yet worrying about a crony present your exposed selfies on Facebook.

I tested Lollipop on Google’s new Nexus 6 phone, expelled this week. we can usually wish that as other phones get a ascent over time, it will be as good as what we get on a Nexus.

It’s a contrition many phone manufacturers that use Android trust they have to tweak it extensively to make a program theirs and not Google’s. Mucking around with it usually confuses business and steers app developers toward operative on iPhone versions first, where there is some-more unity — and so inducement to incorporate a latest features.

Assuming your phone builder is regulating Lollipop in a purest form, here’s what you’ll get:


You used to have to lift down a presentation tray from a top, as we would a window shade. With Lollipop, notifications seem in a core of a close screen. You can enhance messages and respond right from a close screen.

If you’ve set adult a passcode — some-more on that in a bit — you’ll be stirred to enter it before component that reply. You also have a choice to retard all notifications or usually those from specific apps if you’re disturbed about privacy. Or we can select to censor supportive content. In those cases, you’ll see we have an email or text, yet we won’t see who sent it or what a summary says.

You can also select “priority” mode and get notifications usually from apps we symbol as priority. In that mode, we can also select to accept calls and texts usually from famous contacts or favorites.

Too often, I’ve incited off a passcode on my Android phone since we get sleepy of entering it any time we collect it up. With Lollipop, we can keep your phone unbarred when it’s nearby a devoted device of your selecting — say, a Bluetooth-enabled car. Bluetooth operation can extend 30 feet or more, so be certain we trust your friends if we step divided yet your phone. Or undo those exposed selfies first.

Multiple profiles

If we lend out your phone or share it with a family member, you’ll now have form options. You can set adult to 4 profiles, any with a possess settings, contacts, photos and apps.

Some options are infirm if you’re not a owner. For instance, your child won’t be means to revive a phone to bureau settings and clean out all your data. But friends or family can refurbish your apps and accept permissions on your behalf. It’s your choice either they can make calls and text, as they would be regulating your phone number.


Lollipop adds several shortcuts above a presentation tray. You can get discerning entrance to a flashlight and a environment for aeroplane mode. There’s also a new “Cast screen” symbol to send video from your phone to a TV with an Android TV streaming device.

Unfortunately, we can’t change a options. Those yet an Android TV device won’t need “Cast screen,” yet competence wish a screen-rotation close instead, for instance.

The new Android program also removes some of a distinctions between apps and content. Previous versions of Android offering ways to corkscrew by open apps to collect that goes to a foreground.

Now, particular tabs in a Chrome browser and particular papers in Google Docs seem separately, so we can go true to your calm yet carrying to go to that app first.

And there’s some-more …

Lollipop comes with an updated Calendar app that integrates with your Gmail use so that moody reservations, unison tickets and other acknowledgment emails get automatically incited into calendar events. The app is also some-more visually appreciative and fun.

Still missing, though, is a ability to confirm either particular apps can entrance your location. we competence wish Google Maps, yet not Starbucks to have my location. Apple’s iOS program lets we select on an app-by-app basis, yet it’s all or zero with Android.

Nonetheless, Lollipop is a estimable ascent that we wish will come to your Android device — unobstructed — soon.

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