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Apple (AAPL) Watch Pre-Orders Already Outnumber Android Wear’s Annual Sales

Estimates are already hinting that Apple Watch pre-orders might have strike one million units this weekend, leading a series of Android Wear sole final year.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Watch pre-orders began on Friday in name countries, yet one guess says already that 957,000 people in a U.S. alone systematic a device on a initial day.

The association that constructed that report, Slice Intelligence, referred to their row of dual million online shoppers and found that 9,080 people in that row had pre-ordered a Apple Watch this past Friday. That already surpasses a some-more than 720,000 Android Wear inclination that sole final year, according to another investigate organisation Canalys, that expelled a news in February.

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray Co. comparison investigate analyst, called Slice Intelligence’s guess “optimistic,” yet Apple Watch’s launch is still strong. Munster estimates Apple will boat tighten to one million Apple Watches by Apr 24, around that time he estimates Apple will have about 50 percent of a wearables market.

“We’re a small bit some-more measured,” he said. “But no matter how we cut it, it’s a good launch.”

Jaimee Minney, clamp boss of selling and open family for Slice Intelligence, told ABC News she wasn’t astounded with a early pre-order estimates for a rarely expected wrist device.

In other Slice Intelligence research, Apple users were “far underrepresented” in a smartwatch market, even yet Apple patron demographics were unequivocally identical to those of a smartwatch market.

“Apple users were watchful for a Apple watch, so when we saw this outrageous swell in demand, we were not astounded during all,” she said.

Meanwhile, Apple has so distant remained wordless on how many pre-orders it received.

Tim Coulling, Canalys comparison analyst, concluded that he wasn’t astounded if Apple Watch pre-orders have already surpassed Android Wear device sales. Most new examples of Android Wear inclination sell for around $199.99 and adult and embody a ASUS Zenwatch, Moto 360, Sony SmartWatch 3, as good as Samsung and LG devices.

“There’s a lot of expectation around a product. It’s distant some-more modernized in terms of functionality,” Coulling told ABC News. “Apple’s code is a unequivocally select code so it’s expected that people will buy a product as a watch as good as a smartwatch.”

But, Coulling said, he doesn’t design Apple Watch sales to strech a same levels of those of a iPhone and iPad.

“There isn’t unequivocally an major reason to buy a smartwatch right now during a moment,” he said. “An iPhone is an essential communication device, like a smartphone. A inscription or a iPad is a computing device. A lot of people don’t even wear watches since they have a smartphone all a time.”

Apple and Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/apple-aapl-watch-pre-orders-outnumber-android-wears/story?id=30278380

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