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Apple explores headsets that spin your iPhone into a VR display

Apple's obvious for an iPhone-based VR headset

Apple might not be scarcely as smitten with practical existence as Facebook, Google or Samsung, though that doesn’t meant it’s unfeeling — it’s clearer than ever that Cupertino has been intrigued for years. The USPTO has granted Apple a patent (originally filed approach behind in 2008) for a headset pattern that uses your iPhone as a practical existence display. The simple judgment bears some-more than a tiny similarity to Samsung’s Gear VR. You container your phone into a cradle that sits in front of your eyes, and an outmost controller (in this case, a remote) helps we navigate when suit tracking isn’t enough.

This is only a patent, so there’s no pledge that you’ll ever see a product come from a invention. It’s wholly probable that Apple looked during phone-based VR and put it behind on a shelf due to business or technical limitations, during slightest during a time a obvious was comparatively fresh. However, this would open a doorway to an iPhone-centric VR arrangement but authorised hassles from other companies — don’t be astounded if you’re one day personification immersive iOS games regulating some funny-looking headgear.

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Samsung Gear VR

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