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Apple iWatch vs a competition: Everything we know so far

In a final integrate of months, rumours around a purported Apple iWatch have begun to accelerate. The latest one talks about Apple employing oppulance watch-maker Tag Heuer, for a rumoured stylish smartwatch. It is rarely speculated that a iWatch won’t be usually about health and fitness, yet also about good looks, aesthetics and luxury.


The watch is famous to be means of tracking heath-related factors, and also speculated to offer as a finish hub. Besides, it is also expected to perform some functions independently, yet tasks like messaging and voice discuss will need some tie to a smartphone. While Apple has been tight-lipped about a rumoured fitness-focused watch, a lot is being pronounced and created about a wearable. From mixed iWatch designs to a recover date, there have been speculations about it all. In fact, a extensive form of Apple arch Tim Cook, progressing final month, talked about all from his childhood memories to his work on tellurian rights, alongside some hitherto opposite details about a rumoured iWatch.


Here’s a discerning rumour-roundup for all we know about a iWatch, so far.



If reports present a web are to be believed, Apple might launch smartwatches with mixed shade sizes and designs this fall. KGI securities’ researcher Ming Chi Kuo who is obvious for accurate Apple predictions had also approaching that a iWatch will be accessible in dual sizes. She had also total that it could competition a select demeanour and will be means to work with a iPhone, iPad and Mac.



While many of a watches have been sporting a 1.6-inch display, a iWatch is speculated to competition dual sizes featuring 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch stretchable AMOLED displays. Another report points out that Apple could deliver a smartwatch with a arrangement that approaching measures 2.5 inches diagonally and be somewhat rectangular. The watch face is also approaching to expel somewhat from a band, formulating an arched shape, and will underline a hold interface.

Google LG G Watch announced recentlyGoogle LG G Watch announced recently



One of a biggest concerns about smartwatches and wearables in ubiquitous is battery life. With a series of devices-per-household increasing, so does a charging needs for consumers, that is because longer-lasting inclination such as a Pebble smartwatches have finished improved than a likes of a Samsung Galaxy Gear. In terms of battery life, Apple might have something opposite in mind. If some of a prior rumours are to be believed, Apple is contrast newer and innovative ways for charging methods for a watch. This includes record to capacitate inductive, solar, and suit charging of a wearable, so minimising a consistent battery consumption. One of a methods being tested by Apple is pronounced to be regulating captivating induction. Besides wireless charging, it could also come with and a 200mAh to 250mAh battery.


Other specs

Besides a battery and a display, we also know a few tidbits about some other facilities of a device. According to Kuo, one can design a turquoise lens cover, biometric approval and an NFC chip. Moreover, there has been hum about Apple operative on some new sensors that can check a person’s hydration levels, blood pressure, and sweat,  components that can support veteran athletes during their training exercises. This serve fuels speculations about a wearable device total with Apple’s HealthKit could be capable of tracking steps, calories burned, heart rate and more.


Health and aptness features

As a year flagged off, we have been conference about Apple going on a medical expert hiring spree. In January, there were reports about dual medical wearable specialists, including one of Indian origin, being brought on house by Apple. Nancy Dougherty, before with Sano Intelligence and Ravi Narasimhan, who has worked with medical inclination organisation Vital Connect had assimilated Apple.

Apple is also believed to have teamed adult with some critical athletes to exam a purported iWatch’s aptness capabilities. Over a final month, Apple has reportedly invited athletes from the MLB, NHL, and NBA to a Cupertino campus to brief them on a arriving smartwatch. The association also provides them ‘the  opportunity for contrast to be conducted in veteran conditioning environments’.

Rumoured iPhone 6 modelsRumoured iPhone 6 models



Apple has already shown during a WWDC that it wasn’t only joking about removing into a Health business. The new HealthKit app is pronounced to be means of pulling in information from other third-party apps and this can be accessed by medical professionals as good of march depending on how many entrance users give to this app. Apple partnered with a world-renowned Mayo Clinic to make HealthKit happen, and a Clinic was all courtesy for Apple’s new creation in a health sphere. With HealthKit, your iPhone will keep a add-on on your critical health metrics on a daily basis, and over a longer period. Now, a iWatch is believed to work in tandem with a Healthkit and the alleged iPhone 6.


Before a WWDC, Apple was rumoured to be operative on an app called ‘Healthbook’ for a iPhone 6, that would utilize information from all suit sensors to move local aptness tracking to a platform. The ostensible suit charging process for a iWatch could also assistance in this regard, by tracking palm movements besides other critical signs. The app was pronounced to be visually identical to Passbook and could work in tandem with a rumoured iWatch.


Initial rumours also claimed that the iOS 8 is approaching to entrance with a iPhone 6 and gossip has it that Apple is betting large on health and aptness tracking features, and will come integrated with a ‘Healthbook’ app. In fact, a iWatch was cited as a reason for a remarkable seductiveness in health tracking apps within Apple. However, a association has now introduced a HealthKit app platform, and a is misleading either a app will be called Healthbook or  Apple might simply call it health.


The Healthbook app reportedly can guard users’ critical signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, hydration levels, and also glucose levels.  The iWatch might collect information collected by a Healthbook app from a several sensors in a iPhone. This is substantially a reason because Apple has integrated a M7 suit co-processor in a A7 chipset. There is also a probability of integrating iWatch with Apple Maps for plcae tracking and navigation.

With a HealthKit app, Apple has pulled forward of Android. With a HealthKit app, Apple has pulled forward of Android.


Release date and pricing

There have been several reports indicating during Q4 recover for a iWatch. Singing to a identical tune, a news final month had suggested that Taiwan’s Quanta Computer will start mass prolongation of Apple’s initial smartwatch in Jul and a consumer launch is expected in October. The prolongation will be a boost to Quanta, whose work for Apple so distant has focused on laptops and iPods, product lines that are in decline. Quanta’s role, though, is approaching to lift questions about what impasse Hon Hai Precision, one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, will play in production. Interestingly, Microsoft is also believed to launch a ‘fitness’ rope around a same time.  Kuo has also predicted that a watch will be accessible during varying cost points, with a many costly chronicle costing tighten to $1,000. Apart from that, there has been positively no word on a pricing sum of a iWatch, yet meaningful Apple, it could be rather steep.

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