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Apple Pay goes offline during CVS, Rite Aid

Last week’s rollout of iOS 8.1 on new iPhone models ushered in a long-awaited entrance of Apple Pay. And for now, Apple is relying on vital retailers—and their upgraded, concordant sales registers—to remonstrate some-more people to pay a Apple way. However, in a days given Apple Pay’s open debut, dual vital pharmacy bondage have switched march and declared, “Apple Nay.”

This week, Rite Aid began pulling Apple Pay support from NFC-compatible sales kiosks, and over a weekend, CVS followed suit. According to a leaked request posted by Slashgear, Rite Aid done a preference due to a impasse with a competing still-in-testing mobile remuneration height called CurrenC, that CVS is also dependent with.

As it turns out, vital businessman use Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) has been building CurrenC given 2011, according to a news by 24/7 Wall Street. That might explain because other MCX retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have also inaugurated not to occupy Apple Pay during their registers.

CurrenC, in a early rollout so far, asks shoppers to endorse a squeeze with their smartphones, though it doesn’t require NFC use. Instead, customers and sales associates any indicate a QR formula to endorse a transaction. (It also asks shoppers to couple checking, debit, and gift-value accounts to a app, as against to credit cards, which would let retailers evasion a percentages charged by a likes of Visa and Mastercard.)

Both Apple Pay and CurrenC deliver speed bumps to a selling process, either those be wonky QR formula scans or wholly new sales registers. Even so, a latter will be entrance in droves to American shops by October 2015 no matter what, interjection to a nationwide push to switch to chip-and-PIN systems that hopes to revoke fraud. Those new credit label readers are already versed with dirt-cheap sensors for NFC and other protocols, that might give Google and Apple’s NFC-compatible offerings a outrageous leg adult in a entrance year.

Article source: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/10/apple-pay-goes-offline-at-cvs-rite-aid/

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