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Apple releases ‘Move to iOS’ app for Android users

The latest Android handling system, dubbed Marshmallow, seems to borrow a few facilities from iOS, so Apple is now assisting Android users make a large switch.

On Wednesday, shortly after iOS 9’s central release, Apple also expelled ‘Move to iOS,’ a first ever app for Android users, created with a solitary goal to make them leave. Available now for giveaway in a Google Play app store, Move to iOS firmly transfers information stored on Android inclination — contacts, calendars, bookmarks, email accounts, messages, photos—to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

With Move to iOS, Android users don’t even have to backup their inclination since a send is not function over a cloud. Instead, Apple syncs all adult by formulating a private Wi-Fi network where a dual inclination can find any other (like modern-day unhappy lovers though but a teen suicide).

move to ios android

When environment adult their new iOS device, Android users can now name a “Move Data from Android” choice in a Apps Data setup screen. Previously a usually options was to revive from iCloud backup, revive from iTunes backup, or setup as a new device. Once we name to “Move Data from Android” on your iPhone, open a Move to iOS app on your Android device and wait for a ten-digit formula to uncover adult on a iPhone. You will need to submit a formula on your Android device to substantiate a send between a dual devices.

From a send screen, we can name that calm you’d like to transfer. Once a emigration is complete, check to see that all a calm has successfully eliminated over. You can also migrate all this calm manually in box there are any hiccups. And afterwards, Apple also uses this app-ortunity to remind we that we can recycle your Android device for giveaway during any Apple Store.

Move to iOS requires Android 4.0 or later, and if you’re transferring your Chrome bookmarks, make certain we have a latest chronicle of Chrome as well.

Article source: http://www.macworld.com/article/2984480/ios-apps/apple-releases-move-to-ios-app-for-android-users.html

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