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Apple TV examination (2015): A outrageous jump forward, unless we wish 4K

For years, Apple TV has been like a eternally abandoned child, eclipsed by a overachieving siblings, a iPhone and iPad. Design-wise, it hasn’t altered during all since 2010, and it’s been shackled with one of a many primitive Apple interfaces around, that harkens behind to a iPod days. All a while Roku and even Amazon have stepped adult their diversion considerably. Now, with a fourth-generation Apple TV, a set-top box that’s been deemed merely as a “hobby” by a primogenitor has finally come into a own. It has some-more absolute hardware, a significantly redesigned remote and an handling complement that’s estimable of an Apple product in 2015. And finally, there’s a genuine app store, that turns Apple TV into a legitimate height for party and gaming in your vital room. It isn’t utterly a “future of television” that Apple is promising, nonetheless it’s removing there.

Apple TV examination (2015)


The new Apple TV offers a many polished streaming interface yet, with a remote that’s a step forward of a competition. Its voice hunt indeed works well, and even during this early stage, there are copiousness of inestimable apps and games. If we need 4K though, demeanour elsewhere.


Review: Apple TV (2015)

Since it’s substantially going to be stranded somewhere underneath your TV, it creates clarity given Apple didn’t change adult a Apple TV’s pattern much. It’s still done of black plastic, nonetheless it’s significantly taller than before, roughly like dual of a comparison Apple TVs built on tip of any other. On a back, there’s a requisite HDMI port, along with Ethernet, USB-C and energy ports. Unfortunately, you’re out of fitness if you’re still relying on visible audio cables; a Apple TV relies wholly on HDMI for audio now. That shouldn’t be a problem for many people, nonetheless if you’ve got a bill soundbar, or if we haven’t upgraded your home museum in a past decade, be prepared to collect adult an HDMI/optical wire splitter.

Apple’s A8 chip powers all of a set-top box goodness, and according to developer documents, it’s also regulating 2GB of RAM. That means it should be an even some-more absolute device than a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, that have half as many RAM. It’s misleading how discerning a A8 chip is regulating in a Apple TV, nonetheless it was clocked during 1.4 GHz on a iPhone 6 and 1.5 GHz on a iPad Mini 4. You’ve got a choice between 32GB of storage for a $149 indication or 64GB for a $199 model. While a good to have a incomparable storage option, a 32GB indication should be excellent for many people, as you’ll be streaming many of your calm anyway.

While a Apple TV looks a bit familiar, a new Siri Remote is another story entirely. It’s bigger than before, with a well-spoken trackpad that sits atop a potion row on a front. The behind is a singular square of metal. It looks like a illegitimate lovechild of a iPhone 4 and a new MacBook — and that’s a good thing. It simply feels good in your hand. And even when it’s laying prosaic on your cot or coffee table, it simply looks attractive. The remote has a menu and play/pause symbol like before, nonetheless now there’s also a home button, Siri voice hunt button, and volume controls. It’s also wireless, finally, so we don’t have to worry about indicating it during a Apple TV.

Basically, it’s as if Apple jumped forward several generations from a final Apple TV remote, that was all about minimalism. That remote was creatively designed to hoop media on comparison Macs, not a set-top box sitting in your vital room, so it never felt adequate adequate for a Apple TV. There’s now a microphone built-in for voice searches on a new remote, along with an accelerometer and gyroscope for Wii-like suit controls. You can also stop stocking adult on watch batteries, as it charges over Apple’s Lightning cable. we haven’t used it prolonged adequate to empty a battery so far, and that’s after a week of examination a ton of Netflix and Hulu, as good as personification a far-reaching accumulation of games.

One good bonus: You can now control your TV or audio receiver volume from a Siri remote. If your complement supports it, a remote can indeed spin all on and control volume over HDMI. Otherwise, we can sight a Apple TV to commend your TV or receiver remote’s IR input, and it’ll transcribe it like a concept remote. The usually problem with that choice is that you’ll need to indicate a remote to a Apple TV to change a volume, that arrange of defeats a purpose of carrying a wireless submit device.


Apple tvOS

Say hello to tvOS, an iOS appendage that finally brings apps and a dramatically redesigned interface to a Apple TV. Gone are a uncomplicated black certification and app interfaces. Instead, tvOS is all about splendid colors and visually abounding apps. Frankly, it’s about time. While Roku and Amazon have been building adult strong media platforms with copiousness of appealing apps, Apple TV users have been stranded with an keen interface that hasn’t altered many given a second-gen chronicle debuted 5 years ago. Apple’s unequivocally personification catch-up with tvOS, nonetheless there are also some aspects that put it forward of a competition.

Simply environment adult a new Apple TV shows off a seamless formation a association can grasp opposite a inclination today. You usually need to place an iOS device nearby it to fire over your WiFi and Apple ID credentials. That took usually a few seconds with my iPhone 6S. It’s unequivocally a easiest set-top setup I’ve seen so far, generally given you’re not usually stranded typing in login certification letter-by-letter with a directional pad. If we don’t have an iOS device, you’ll be stranded doing usually that with a Siri Remote, a rather frustrating routine (more on that below).

Once you’re all set up, there’s a informed looking home screen, with apps for iTunes movies, TV shows and music, as good as photos. This time around though, navigating a interface is distant some-more fluid, interjection to a Siri Remote’s touchpad. There are also visible flourishes sprinkled throughout; we quite favourite how app icons arrange of hook in opposite directions with 3D effects as we float over them. And it’s good to finally have a symbol that brings we right behind to a home shade (previously, that endangered holding down a menu button). There’s also some easy multitasking: Double-clicking a home symbol opens adult all of your new apps, and it’s flattering easy to bound between them.

As many as voice hunt is a large partial of a new Apple TV, you’ll have to understanding with a on-screen keyboard once in a while. And, unfortunately, it’s even worse than before. Instead of heaving several rows of letters for we to hunt and peck, now they’re all presented on a singular line so that we can appropriate behind and onward on a trackpad to name them. The large problem? While a trackpad is good for large unconditional movements, it’s flattering frustrating for excellent selections, like selecting letters side by side. At this point, we also can’t bond a Bluetooth keyboard like with a aged Apple TV, and Apple’s Remote app still doesn’t support it either.

App store and apps

You’ll notice something new on a home screen: an app store. Finally! The prior Apple TV solemnly built adult a decent collection of third-party apps, nonetheless they weren’t easy to make, and there was no app store of any arrange to visit. Instead new applications usually got downloaded to your Apple TV home screen, and you’d be left with classification out a disaster by manually stealing a ones we didn’t need (which incited out to be many of them).

Given that there aren’t any third-party apps commissioned by default, you’ll have to get informed with a app store genuine quick. And if you’ve seen one app store from Apple, you’ve seen them all, really. This one facilities renouned and arriving apps on a categorical page, as good as tip charts, usually as you’d expect. Even during this early stage, there are copiousness of notable apps out there. On tip of a essentials like Netflix and Hulu, there are newcomers like Plex, selling apps from QVC and Gilt, and also lots and lots of games.

There are outrageous peculiarity gaps between a accessible apps so far. Some, like Netflix and Hulu, are merely usually appealing updates to their comparison apps. Others usually seem uncanny when blending to television, like a Periscope app that doesn’t even let we record into your Periscope account. (And boy, saying many of that pledge calm on a large shade isn’t really entertaining.) But there are also a handful of apps that uncover a intensity for a Apple TV to be a new and sparkling height for your vital room.

The QVC app combines live video with browsable calm that we can buy right from a Apple TV. And Gilt’s app is fundamentally an appealing catalog for a online store. They competence feel a tad remaining right now, nonetheless don’t forget how many a accessibility of apps on smartphones and tablets altered a approach we shop. Being means to crop selling sites on a biggest shade in your room could positively be tantalizing to many consumers.

Apps generally downloaded and commissioned flattering quickly, and given that Apple is commanding a 200MB record distance border on apps, we shouldn’t have to understanding with many extensive downloads. Once we start pier them on, they’ll all uncover adult on your home screen, and eventually you’ll have something that resembles a prior Apple TV. It’d be good to get folders or some approach to classify them eventually, though.

Siri and voice search

Siri’s also a large partial of tvOS, nonetheless generally it usually serves as a passage for voice search. Tapping a microphone symbol on a remote opens adult a customary Siri interface, we usually need to foreordain a hunt authority into a remote and let Siri do a magic. Given that you’re acid on something called a Apple TV, a voice hunt is best matched for things like film and tv uncover titles, actors and directors. The voice hunt formula were generally flattering accurate, unless we searched for a quite wily name or film title. Siri can also fetch elementary information like a weather, nonetheless right now it’s nowhere nearby as strong as on iOS proper.

The best partial about a Apple TV’s Siri search? It does a good pursuit of anticipating calm opposite mixed services. When we searched for The Good Wife, for example, we got formula indicating to several seasons on Hulu, along with a requisite couple to buy it on iTunes as well. It’s gotten to a indicate where I’m regulating voice hunt to find things even when we know where to find them on Netflix, given a Apple TV can indeed couple we true into third-party apps. No some-more hopping around menus and typing in hunt queries like a chump! (Unless you’re looking for unfamiliar titles or things that are usually tough to parse with your voice.

I was also astounded during how low a voice underline could go. When we asked it to play a initial partial of Homeland, it non-stop a Showtime app (which we allow to) and immediately started personification a pilot. And a same thing happened with HBO Now when we asked for a initial partial of The Sopranos. You can also use voice hunt to launch specific apps, that could be accessible as your home shade gets messy.
Stil, there’s positively room for Siri hunt to get better. It can’t hunt your common iTunes libraries, and so distant it usually works with a few apps (the biggies mentioned above). Once it opens adult some-more widely, generally for things like YouTube and sports apps, it’ll be a diversion changer. Compared to a Fire TV and Roku 4′s voice search, Apple TV works a bit faster, and it also did a improved pursuit of anticipating calm opposite mixed services.

As a media device

When it comes to streaming video, a new Apple TV isn’t many opposite than a aged one. Videos seem to start adult a bit faster, and a Siri remote creates fast-forwarding an rewinding many easier than before. There’s indeed a tiny picture preview of where you’re navigating to on a video timeline, that helps we pinpoint specific spots easily. You can substantially appreciate a additional hoop space in a Apple TV for that, given it allows for many some-more video caching than before.

If we had a favorite media app on a aged Apple TV, chances are it’s already accessible on a new one. But a small existence of an app store means some-more services could make their approach over. we was astounded to see that Plex, that builds program for streaming your personal media, managed to make their app accessible already. It had no difficulty noticing my existent Plex shares. It certain was uncanny being means to play my possess media files right off of a Apple TV. Apps like Plex were also one of a biggest advantages that Roku and a Fire TV had, that means both Roku and Amazon need to start looking during other ways to compute themselves.

Unfortunately, if you’re fervent for some 4K content, a Apple TV won’t be of many use to you. Unlike a categorical competitors this year, Apple is adhering with tried-and-true 1080p video. That creates clarity to a certain border — many people don’t have 4K TVs yet, so given build for that? Apple is all about optimizing a product margins whenever possible, and it’s no foreigner to watchful a bit before adopting new record (don’t forget that Apple didn’t broach LTE until a iPhone 5). But if you’ve already got a 4K TV, we won’t censure we for feeling bummed. (Although it’s value checking to see if any built-in apps on your TV also offer 4K content.) By subsequent year, Apple unequivocally won’t be means to omit 4K anymore.

On another note, it’s misleading if Apple managed to renovate AirPlay for a Apple TV and iOS 9 (as 9to5Mac reported), nonetheless formed on my tests streaming Spotify tracks, internal song and video, it seemed to perform improved than before. AirPlay has always been one of a biggest reasons for iOS and Mac users to go with a Apple TV, nonetheless it’s also a customary that’s notoriously unreliable. If Apple has managed to repair that, it’ll make a glossy new set-top box all a some-more tantalizing to fans.

As a gaming device

Color me surprised: The Apple TV manages to be a flattering plain gaming machine! You’d never mistake it for a dedicated gaming console, to be sure, nonetheless it offers adult some decent infrequent gaming experiences, as good as some somewhat some-more strong offerings. Some of a games, like Rayman Adventures and Crossy Road, are fundamentally usually iPhone ports. But there are also some new titles like Beat Sports from Harmonix that were built privately for a Siri Remote’s suit control capabilities.

All of a games on Apple TV are compulsory to work with a Siri Remote, nonetheless we can also span a “Made for iPhone” (MFI) controller with it over Bluetooth for some-more modernized games. The normal remote is excellent for infrequent games, generally something like Crossy Road, that usually requires we to appropriate in several directions. Transistor was a bit tough to play with a Siri Remote alone, nonetheless once we connected a SteelSeries Nimbus controller, it felt no opposite than personification it on my mechanism with an Xbox One controller. Additional controllers typically sell for around $50, so they won’t be a arrange of thing many consumers would burst to.

When it comes to games, Apple TV’s genuine destiny depends on how good developers take advantage of a Siri Remote. Beat Sports is now a primary instance of what’s possible. It facilities a gift of Wii Sports, some infuriatingly familiar song and honestly fun gameplay that kids can learn easily. For a many part, it has we pitch a remote or appropriate a trackpad to a balance of cartoonish characters personification sports. It’s simple, nonetheless fast addictive.

The competition

It should be flattering transparent who Apple is fighting opposite for prevalence in your vital room: It’s generally Roku and Amazon, that offer likewise powerful, app-enabled set-top boxes. But copiousness of TVs these days also come with built-in apps, that for some people creates a whole thought of carrying a apart box on your TV pointless. If we wish a streaming box for your comparison TV, though, and are mostly endangered with cross-platform support, you’re substantially improved off with a Roku 4 ($130) or a somewhat comparison Roku 3 ($100), that notwithstanding their disciplined interfaces, offer plain voice hunt and a far-reaching accumulation of media apps.

If you’re heavily invested in Amazon’s ecosystem, a $100 4K Fire TV is value a demeanour too. It offers a somewhat improved interface than Roku, along with a bigger preference of games and a gamepad appendage for some-more formidable titles. Still, it should be no warn that Amazon’s TV box ends adult generally portion as a good announcement for Amazon’s calm library and Prime. (Yes, we could simply contend a same for iTunes and a Apple TV.) Heck, Amazon is even reportedly testing out a storefront on a Fire TV, that creates clarity given we’re already saying selling apps cocktail adult on a Apple TV as well.

And again, a miss of 4K on a new Apple TV will be an present understanding breaker for some, generally when we can simply get it from Amazon and Roku. Personally, though, I’d still rather watch TV on a plain 1080p plasma, rather than a engorgement of inexpensive 4K LCDs out there. Picture peculiarity generally looks better, and seriously, we expected won’t be means to see many of a fortitude strike from your cot with 4K. If we haven’t invested in a 4K set yet, it’s substantially value watchful until subsequent year when a TVs get cheaper, demeanour improved and support other new technologies, like high energetic operation (HDR). That can indeed make a conspicuous change in how your calm looks, compared to a sincerely immaterial fortitude strike with 4K.

Typically I’d also advise deliberation older, cheaper versions of a rigging I’m reviewing if we don’t need all of a new facilities — and we can indeed save a lot by picking adult a comparison Apple TV for $69. But in this case, I’d advise staying divided from a aged Apple TV hardware. It expected won’t see any program updates, now that Apple has tvOS and a whole new device to concentration on. And if you’ve left this prolonged though gnawing adult a final Apple TV, we assume you’ve got some other process for examination streaming video.


So was a wait for a new Apple TV value it? After spending a week ravenous calm and creation it a centerpiece of my vital room, I’d contend yes. Its polished interface and remote, along with a best voice hunt doing I’ve seen, puts it a step above other set-top boxes. And even during this early stage, a app store clearly has copiousness of potential. The Apple TV isn’t usually a media box; it’s a passage for bringing a apps we’ve grown to adore on a mobile inclination to a TVs.

The usually problem with a Apple TV is that there’s no 4K support usually yet. This will be a non-issue for many consumers, nonetheless if we wish to be on a draining corner of quality, where each singular pixel matters some-more than a assemblage of your media experience, afterwards you’ll usually have to demeanour elsewhere.

Photography by Nathan Ingraham

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