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Apple TV Review (2015): Living with big-screen Siri

Shouting behind during a TV used to be frowned upon; now, with a fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple is definitely enlivening it. The Cupertino firm’s take on a destiny of a vital room has expelled Siri from a iPhone and iPad prison, while a new remote, entrance to a App Store, and beefier specifications guarantee a slicker and some-more stretchable experience. I’ve been vital with a revamped set-top box for a past 6 weeks, to see usually how many of an ascent this is.

Physically, a fourth-gen Apple TV takes a squat, black box of before and leaves it out to proof. Risen loaf-like, a finish outcome has a same squircle footprint yet stands roughly twice as tall.


On a back, there’s an ethernet port, HDMI output, and energy connector, along with a new USB-C pier that’s used for use (though we can also block it into your Mac and use it, with QuickTime Player, to squeeze screenshots and UI videos, usually as prolonged as they’re not display DRM-protected content). Gone is a visual digital audio output.

Inside there are even bigger changes. Apple has interconnected a A8 processor with 2GB of memory, a substantial step adult from a third-generation box with a A5 chip and a entertain of a RAM.


Storage has taken a leap, too, with a choice of 32GB in a $149 Apple TV or 64GB in a $199 version. It’ll be app information rather than calm holding adult that space, mind, given Apple still intends a set-top box to be a streaming device.


Then there’s a remote, that does divided with a splinter of brushed china aluminum of a aged chronicle and replaces it with a bigger, glass-fronted chunk with an aluminum behind and some-more controls.

As good as menu, play/pause, and volume buttons – a latter of that will control your TV, as prolonged as it supports a HDMI-CEC customary or we learn a remote’s IR blaster a right settings – there’s now a home symbol and a Siri trigger. A trackpad is integrated invisibly, rather than a aged remote’s D-pad, and there’s Bluetooth inside so that we don’t need to worry about line-of-sight.


Apple has dubbed it a Siri Remote, and certain adequate Siri takes honour of place in navigating by a Apple TV’s interface. It also means a controller – that includes an accelerometer and gyroscope to lane movement, like a Wii controller – is a small some-more power-hungry, so there’s now an inner battery that recharges around a Lightning pier on a bottom edge.

Alternatively, we can use a new Remote app for iOS inclination that Apple offers as a giveaway download. That has a advantage of charity an onscreen keyboard for swifter calm entry, something that can streamline punching in login certification for all your several media services.


That said, tvOS – a appendage of iOS tailored for a fourth-gen Apple TV and for being used from opposite a vital room – creates fewer final for usernames and passwords, presumption you’re already set adult on your iPhone and iPad (and they’re regulating iOS 9.1 or later).

Pair that device with your new Apple TV over Bluetooth – that we can do by simply putting a iPhone circuitously – and a set-top box can remove your WiFi and iTunes comment settings. Unfortunately, from that indicate on you’re on your own: even if we have a Netflix, Hulu, or other accounts set adult in their particular apps on your phone, a Apple TV can’t squeeze those details.


Instead you’re left with a onscreen keyboard, that is now a prolonged frame of letters rather than a grid. Frankly conjunction a aged nor a new layouts are generally quick to use, yet tvOS does have a new “Recent” choice that shows a final few email addresses and comment names we entered. Assuming your several on-demand services all use a same username, we competence usually have to block in a cue any time.


When you’re finally set up, afterwards it’s Siri’s turn. Rumors of a voice-led interface for an Apple TV set began years ago, yet Amazon kick Apple to a marketplace with a Fire TV. Still, Apple claims that Siri is a small some-more intelligent than Amazon’s system.

You can ask for cinema or shows by name, or by thesis – “kids movies” perhaps, or “action movies” – and Siri supports qualifiers too. “Kids cinema from a 80s” will embody both criteria, that sounds like it should be easy yet requires a whole lot of metadata on a back-end.


Unfortunately, usually as with Amazon and a Fire TV, concept hunt isn’t something any developer can daub into. Apple tells me it will be operative with name calm providers to embody their results, a evidence being that it ensures accuracy. we can see that, yet it does meant that if we have a adored streaming use that hasn’t been so propitious as to work with Apple on search, we won’t see their results.

Right now, that means we get formula from iTunes, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Showtime. Apple TV will sequence a commentary according to your particular circumstances: so, if a uncover is accessible giveaway by your Netflix subscription given by iTunes you’d have to compensate for it, a giveaway choice will be presented first.


Beyond that, Siri has some other uses, yet she falls frustratingly brief of a knowledge on an iPhone or iPad. You can navigate playback by voice – “Skip brazen 10 minutes” or “Go behind an hour” for instance – and ask “Who’s in this movie?” to get a outline of a actors. “What did she say?” will automatically skip behind fifteen seconds and temporarily spin on closed-captions.

More broadly, continue reports and sports formula are on offer, yet there’s no formation with Apple Music – that’s entrance early in 2016, apparently – and we can’t set alarms or timers, that seems a contrition given it would be a good approach to military how many time kids have to watch their shows. Personally, I’m unhappy by a deficiency of HomeKit integration, given autocratic intelligent home gadgets like paint bulbs or WeMo switches seems like an apparent application.


Fire TV can settle family arguments with Wikipedia searches by voice, too, along with how to spell wily words, conjunction of that Siri will assistance with. You also can’t hunt a App Store by voice, that highlights one of a fourth-gen Apple TV’s biggest headaches: calm discovery.

Apps on a Apple TV were a apparent trail for a Cupertino association to take, yet sifting by them can be laborious. The many apparent resolution would be a ability to crop a store on an iPad or iPhone and afterwards remotely implement apps to your Apple TV, yet that’s not now supported.


It’ll get even trickier as a App Store fills up, presumption developers do what Apple suggests is a “future of television” and emanate apps for a box. At slightest a bare-bones initial designation – with Apple’s apps yet zero from third-parties – addresses one of a many visit criticisms of prior Apple TV versions: that a home shade is filled with preloaded software, many of that competence not be of any seductiveness to you.

The other vivid repudiation is 4K. Apple says that’s deliberate, and that conjunction calm nor displays or internet connectors are during a indicate where a mass-market requires it. Instead we get 1080p.


I’m ripped on 4K. On a one hand, Apple’s Full HD looks good, even when run by a upscaling routine many 4K TVs offer. On a flip side, once you’ve seen Ultra HD on something like a latest chronicle of a Fire TV, it’s tough to conflict all those additional pixels. we can’t unequivocally disagree that there’s a relations default of content, however, yet we do consternation how prolonged that will sojourn a case.

What we get instead is a multiplying games catalog. The new Apple TV’s specs are positively adult to blemish when it comes to performance, and a sensor-packed Siri Remote does double-duty as a controller well. If that’s not enough, we can span a Bluetooth gamepad for some-more normal controls.


I’m not many of a gamer, yet with some of a some-more renouned titles like Jetpack Joyride, Crossy Road, and Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved available, we can positively see how an Apple TV could mount in for a console for many families. iOS games are generally cheaper than those for full consoles, too, for that your wallet competence appreciate you.

Then again, if Apple’s prophecy that a TV is a subsequent large selling knowledge pans out, and people indeed start regulating sell apps already accessible for it, maybe those assets will usually be dripping adult elsewhere.


Apple hides some of tvOS’ niceties from initial glance. Double-tapping a Home symbol summons an app switcher, usually as it does on an iPhone, that avoids a need to burst behind to a home screen. You can adjust a Siri Remote’s trackpad sensitivity, too, that I’d suggest as it can be a small mad during a default, or impersonate a D-pad by drumming a 4 edges to navigate a step during a time.

For audio, there’s 5.1 approximate sound if we have a right orator system, or we can span Bluetooth headphones; I’ve done visit use of a latter during late-night Netflix binges. If there are a few of we watching, yet we still don’t wish to arise adult a rest of a house, a “Reduce Loud Sounds” choice manacles out a some-more egotistic audio while still ensuring debate can be heard.


My aged TV had usually dual HDMI ports, so we had to be resourceful about what we left plugged in. Even now, with some-more inputs to fill, we still extent myself to dual set-top boxes. The new Apple TV has transposed a prototype in one of those ports, yet it hasn’t private a need for Amazon’s Fire TV in a second, not slightest since Amazon still refuses to make an Apple TV app.


Side-by-side with a aged Apple TV, a biggest takeaway is of a fourth-gen’s speed and potential. The aged box was clearly display a age, a imbecility increasingly transparent in comparison to newer rivals.

Now, Apple has strike reset and a new Apple TV has no issues gripping up. Siri promises larger immediacy and some-more family-friendliness, while a App Store is an apparent claimant for inclusion. 4K aside, there’s adequate intensity inside a small black chunk to keep it future-proofed for a subsequent integrate of years during least.


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A lot of a intensity is still to come, however. We’ve had a ambience of how Siri can urge calm discovery, and how tvOS can serve fuzz a lines between phone, tablet, and TV, yet while this competence be Apple’s fourth era of box, it’s usually a initial era of those facilities and in many ways they’re untested, lacking in abilities, or both.

The Apple TV is still a best approach to devour iTunes calm in your vital room, and one of a improved ways to broach streaming media from third-party services like Netflix and Hulu to your TV. Whether a residue of a bets Apple has done on a new box compensate off, we won’t know for another 6 months or more.

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