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Apple Watch Flirts With Fashion, Needs to Focus on Substance

There is zero so shabby as perplexing too hard. And as a central recover of a Apple Watch ticks closer, Apple is a nauseous duckling perplexing to mix in among fashion’s satirical black swans.

Yesterday, Apple sent invitations for a “Spring forward” event, that will expected embody some-more sum about a Apple Watch launch. It comes right as a 4 good Fashion Weeks (New York, London, Milan, Paris) are during their mid indicate and open issues are denting doorsteps.

OpinionsThe many daunting among them, in page count and content, is Vogue. The Mar emanate includes a full 12 pages promotion a Apple Watch in a many permutations: neat Skagen-like silver, sporty electric green, superb cream and gold, and outlandish cobalt lizard. The watch is set opposite a plain white background, a really sheer contrariety to a elaborately staged ads and editorial pages around it. The cost of a ad (not to discuss a tangible watch) is no doubt staggering. The digital book of a same emanate of Vogue has a some-more beautiful, and hopefully some-more affordable, Apple Watch ad (the cream-and-gold chronicle spins as a singular white rose blooms on a face).

… Or this? #applewatch announcement of a #future @voguemagazine #vogue #tablet #march2015

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But a ads seem like a sign of a final conform season. During Paris Fashion Week final fall, Apple set adult a special display of a watch during a ne and ultra of cold French boutique Colette, where engineer Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue editor Anna Wintour took it in by their henceforth merged sunglasses. Around a same time, Apple persuaded tastemakers like editor of French Vogue Emmanuelle Alt and editor of Italian Vogue Franca Sozzani to leave a New York Fashion Week tents of Lincoln Center for a outing to Cupertino for a big Apple Watch reveal.

But it begs a question: because try so hard? Certainly wearables as a marketplace are doing well, and an Apple-branded one will substantially sell morally adequate among those who have mislaid their Fitbits or are broke by a unapologetic geekiness of a Pebble. Could it be that with small else to heed it feature-wise from smartphones and other smartwatches, a Apple Watch has started to rest on a looks?

Even in fashion, that doesn’t work for too long. There’s always a subsequent prettier, shinier thing. Ask any indication whose career and gain have traversed an different point as her age goes from 20 to 30. Magazine covers and ad pages aside, a Apple Watch contingency interest to a tech universe to truly take off. The iPod and iPhone became iconic not only for their neat faces in a sea of clunky underline phones, though for a functionality that could not be found elsewhere. Substance not character is a order for success.

We’ll find out some-more on Mar 9 in San Francisco. Tune in for all a details, and until then, see PCMag’s Hands On With a Apple Watch and a slideshow above.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2477491,00.asp

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