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Apple Watch gets new apps, including Facebook Messenger

Apple Watch’s new handling complement has an central recover date of Sep 16. It also has a horde of new apps to run on it.

The consumer wiring hulk on Wednesday showed off apps including Facebook’s Messenger discuss app, GoPro and iTranslate. The new apps will run directly on Apple Watches, a change that takes advantage of updates to a handling system.

Apple pronounced in Jun that it was changing a WatchKit software, a set of collection enabling developers to emanate apps for a Apple Watch, to let apps run directly on a device. Previously, all apps had to run by an iPhone, that connects to a watch.

“Apple Watch is assisting a users live a improved day,” pronounced Apple CEO Tim Cook during a press eventuality in San Francisco.

Getting popular, useful apps on a Apple Watch is essential for a Cupertino, California, company. When Apple debuted a watch a year ago, it immediately sparked seductiveness in a nascent smartwatch market. But Apple has had singular success as consumers discuss either they need computers on their wrists.

Having suggestive facilities on a smartwatch would go a prolonged approach to remonstrate intensity buyers. Meanwhile, rivals from Google to Samsung are jostling to captivate developers to their platforms to make a watches that use their program some-more attractive.

Apple pronounced Wednesday there are 10,000 Apple Watch apps on a App Store. By comparison, there are roughly 4,000 apps accessible for smartwatches using Google’s Android Wear program and about 3,000 for Samsung’s older, rectilinear smartwatches. The new Gear S2, a Samsung device denounced final week with a turn watch face, will launch in early Oct with about 1,000 apps available.

Earlier this year, Apple updated WatchKit to gave developers some-more control over what their program could do with a watch. For example, they got entrance to Apple’s HealthKit height for drumming into heart-rate information and other activity sensors. They could also use a watch’s microphone for voice functions, a digital climax for maneuvering within a program some-more easily, and a “Force Touch” duty for dire harder on a shade to trigger it to do opposite things.

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Article source: http://www.cnet.com/au/news/apple-watch-new-apps/

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