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Apple Watch lets we control PowerPoint presentations from your wrist

It seems as yet everybody is removing prepared for a Apple Watch launch, including Microsoft. Today, Microsoft expelled a new refurbish to a iOS book of PowerPoint. The refurbish incorporates submit Apple Watch, and lets we use it as a remote control for presentations. You will be means to start a arrangement and navigate by slides by swiping a smartwatch face on your wrist, creation it a neat pretence that is equally fit for a college organisation arrangement or a energetic sales pitch.

Users will also be means to lane how distant along they are in presentations by looking during a wrist-side arrangement of time elapsed given a presentation’s start. So far, Apple Watch will usually be means to bond with and control PowerPoint presentations from a iOS app of PowerPoint. Those regulating desktop OS X versions of PowerPoint won’t be means to sync with a smartwatch.

Although PowerPoint is giveaway on iOS, to use all of a features, like Apple Watch synchronicity, we will need a subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

Personally, I’m blissful to see remote control functions emerge from Apple Watch. we acquire a thought of remote determining presentations during a crack of a wrist, though we can also see how ungainly presenters could get tripped adult on this duty and glance during their smartwatch stumbling by an ungainly presentation.

It will be engaging to see only how distant a inter-connectivity between iPhone and Apple Watch is grown down a road. You can download a latest chronicle of PowerPoint from a iTunes store here.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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