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Apple Watch’s Sapphire Glass Screen Is Given Diamond Test – Does It Pass?

Apple Watch’s Sapphire Glass Screen Is Given Diamond Test – Does It Pass?

By Christopher Hutton | Apr 28, 2015 05:10 PM EDT

Apple Watch Face

How tough is a Apple Watch? People have been putting a new device by a wringer to see if it’s as durable as some wish it to be or if it’s only a frail conform accessory. An constituent partial of this contrast is checking a screen’s durability. The Apple Watch uses a turquoise potion screen, only like a iPhone 6.

The turquoise potion wasn’t good prepared for a iPhone 6′s release, that was partly due to Apple’s sapphire potion retailer carrying financial difficulties, according to a International Business Times. Apple claims it has softened a material, though is it as good as Apple and turquoise potion makers say? That’s what YouTuber “Unbox Therapy” recently tested. In a video, a horde tests a Apple Watch with a simple solid tester, that can establish either a solid is genuine or fake. The YouTube horde also attempts a same thing with a Apple Watch Sport, LG G Watch R, iPhone 6 and a Tissot watch that a makers contend has a turquoise clear display.

“The formula of a exam endorse that a Apple Watch does have a turquoise clear arrangement as advertised, with a solid tester noticing a thermal conductivity of a scratch-resistant material. The accurate Tissot watch also displays a reading on a meter, while a Apple Watch Sport, LG G Watch R and iPhone 6 do not produce any formula since all 3 inclination have normal or ion-strengthened potion displays” reports MacRumors.

Sapphire potion is typically some-more scratch-resistant than normal glass. The routine for creation turquoise potion involves slicing it with a diamond-encrusted handle and polishing it with solid pellets.

Earlier this week, CNET washed, submerged, boiled, grated, spilled on, forsaken and finally crushed a Apple Watch to see how good it would reason up. Tech YouTuber FoneFox took it to a subsequent turn by wearing a device underwater for an extended period.

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