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Apple’s Automotive Team Includes Former Tesla, Ford and GM Employees

Apple’s purported automotive group consisting of hundreds of employees operative on an electric automobile includes several former Tesla, Ford and GM employees, according to 9to5Mac. The news reveals that Apple has also recruited talent from smaller firms in a automotive attention and other fields, including A123 Systems, MIT Motorsports, Ogin, Autoliv, Concept Systems and General Dynamics.

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The list of new hires from Tesla includes David Nelson, a automatic engineering manager during a automobile builder until this month, and John Ireland, formerly a comparison powertrain exam operative during a company. Tesla’s former conduct recruiter Lauren Ciminera also assimilated Apple in Sep and is expected obliged for recruiting additional engineers for a automotive team. The contingent of hires aspect only weeks after it was reported that Apple and Tesla continue to fight over tip employees.

Another important sinecure is Mujeeb Ijaz, who many recently served as arch record officer during A123 Systems. Ijaz led a group obliged for investigate and growth for a company’s heading lithium-ion appetite storage technology. Prior to that, he worked during Ford as an electric and fuel dungeon automobile engineering manager for scarcely sixteen years. The employing adds fuel to yesterday’s news that Apple faces a lawsuit for poaching pivotal employees from A123 Systems.

The news adds that Apple has also recruited former Ford engineers David Perner and Jim Cuseo, nonetheless a latter has been with a association given 2010 as a product pattern lead and manager for a iMac. General Motors’ Fernando Cunha recently assimilated Apple as good after operative several engineering and product pattern roles during a automobile builder given 2001. Dillon Thomasson of General Dynamics, Robert Gough of Autoliv, Hugh Jay of EMCO Gears and Rui Guan of Ogin are other new hires.

Last week, mixed reports from convincing sources claimed that Apple is building an electric vehicle that is possibly autonomous in a top-secret investigate lab nearby a domicile in Cupertino, California. Some reports contend otherwise, claiming that Apple is operative on expanding a dashboard participation by CarPlay. These hirings advise that Apple might be operative on a incomparable plan after all, though it stays to be seen if a bone-fide electric automobile is in a works.

Article source: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/02/19/apple-automotive-team-profile/

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