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Apple’s newest iOS and Mac betas let we use different emoji

Diverse emoji in iOS and OS X

If you’re unhappy that stream emoji characters don’t reflect your skin tone, don’t worry: Apple is removing prepared to accommodate you. Both a latest betas of iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 embody modifiers that let we select a skin tone of some icons. There are some-more flags, too. And Apple couldn’t conflict being impertinent — you’ll now see an Apple Watch in place of an typical timepiece, only as it already replaces general phone cinema with an iPhone.

As for other features? There isn’t a whole lot some-more in a iOS beta besides a formerly mentioned wireless CarPlay, nonetheless Siri fans will be happy to know that they can now issue voice commands in languages like Portugese, Russian and Turkish. It’s not certain when possibly of these updates will be finished, though they’re still early. Given that Apple hasn’t even expelled iOS 8.2 yet, we could be watchful a while to try possibly recover unless you’re peaceful to proffer for public tests.

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Apple OS X Yosemite

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